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Denim shorts are definite must-haves for every woman. Since they come in a variety of styles – from minis to Bermudas – it’s easy to build a collection around these summer-worthy bottoms.

Although denim shorts are geared towards more casual outfits, you can pair them with more sophisticated garments as well. And as long as you follow this guide, you’ll be able to dress your denim shorts stylishly for a night out with friends! 


How to Dress Denim Shorts for a Party

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t need a dress or a mini skirt to go out and party. You can still look good – maybe even better – with these glitzy denim short outfits. 

Sleek and Polished

You don’t necessarily have to throw on a lot of things to create a party-perfect denim outfit. Just look at this model – who looks very simple yet pretty in her elegant black top.

Like her, you can create a party-ready ensemble by pairing your shorts with an exquisite top. (Tip: You can easily get this from your ‘work outfit’ side of the closet).

For the finishing touch, just put on your shades and your ruby red lipstick. Put on your favorite heels and you’re ready to dance the night away! 

Go Off-Shoulder

As previously mentioned, you can easily create a party-worthy denim outfit without going all out. 

Case in point: wearing an off-shoulder top, such as this one, is more than enough to make you look party-ready! Like the model, you can add elements such as a hat and cowboy-style belt. 

As for the shoes, going comfy is best. You can do this fashionably with a pair of booties or flat gladiator sandals. 

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Style Your Button-Down

Pairing your denim shorts with a button-down top can help you achieve a chic look. But did you know that you can take this ensemble to a party as well?

Yes, you can make this possible with just a few touches. 

Like the model, all you just need to do is reveal your sexier side by unbuttoning the first 3 (or 4, your choice) buttons of your top. As this will expose your bra underneath, make sure to wear a sexy one (the model’s lacy black bralette is a good example).

Top it all off by rolling your sleeves sloppily and voila – you’re ready to paint the town red!

Tie Your Button-Down

Indeed, there’s a lot of things you could do with your white button-down.

Apart from the outfit mentioned above, another trend you could try is to wear it like a tie top. Like the model, it’s all about gathering the ends together in a dainty knot. 

While a tie-front top is good enough by itself, you can layer it with a bandeau or bralette – just like what the model did. You can also wear it in an off-shoulder fashion – just like what this pretty lady did with hers.

Crop it – and Top it

Kendall Jenner knows a thing or two about fashion (and parties), thus making her one of the best references for denim short outfits.

The model rocks her Bermuda shorts with a simple bandeau top and an oversized leather jacket. Like her, it’s good to add a pair of unique shades as this will come in handy for a hangover! 

Keeping true to Kendall’s style, make sure to wear this outfit with stunning heels. With this pairing, you can easily rock a party – whether it’s hot or cold.

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Rock the Coat

A stylish coat is not only for the office – it’s for your party-hearty outfits as well! In fact, all you need to do is get rid of your trousers (or skirt) after work and replace it with your favorite denim shorts. 

As seen on this model, elegant outerwear can be paired with ripped denim shorts. That said, this ensemble should be your top choice for an after-work party. 

Like the model, you can finish the look with a pair of bejeweled sandals. Then again, you can wear your office shoes if you don’t have another pair to wear! 

Denim on Denim

A lot of people fear the denim-on-denim pairing become some people view it as tacky. Gigi Hadid, however, shows that like her, you can rock the trend like a pro.

Taking inspiration from the runway beauty, you can create a party-ready look by wearing a more ‘polished’ short with an elegantly designed denim top. 

Remember: denim on denim is already over the top. As such, it’s best to keep the accessories simple. A cute bag – and sexy pair of heels – are more than enough to achieve this trending look. 

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Dress it Up

Do you have a dress with a very high slit? Then you should try to wear it out with your denim shorts.

Like the model, a frock like this offers much coverage – without effectively covering much of your legs. 

Perfect for summer parties, this get-up allows you to enjoy 2 garments – your denim shorts and high-slit maxi dress!

Styling tip: For a boho feel, wear this with booties. For a more elegant touch, go ahead and wear this ensemble with a pair of strappy heels. 

One of the Boys

If you plan on hanging out with your boys, then why not channel their style into your denim short outfit? Like the model, you can achieve an androgynous look with a button-down top, a sleek blazer, and a necktie-like implement. 

While this style is very casual, you can add some feminine touches along the way. For example, you can go for brighter colors instead of this black-centric style. Another option is to wear heels rather than the usual sneakers. 

Sexy – Yet Covered

Model Hailey Baldwin is a force to reckon with – especially when it comes to fashion. Here, she shows the reason why. Here, she easily created an upscale look with the use of simple denim shorts.

Although her bralette and short pairing are very casual, Hailey glammed it up with an oversized blazer. Not only did it make her look posher, but it also gave her coverage for cold nights.

Like Hailey, you can top off this look with a unique pair of mid-calf boots. 

Go Over the Top

Think you can’t take your denim shorts to an upscale party? Well, you better think again. If you’re anything like Kendall Jenner, you can easily make an impression at any red-carpet party.

As seen on the model, it’s all about pairing your denim shorts with the most over-the-top blouse you could ever have. In her case, it’s a one-shoulder top with a long train. 

Styling tip: If you can’t get your hands on a gala-worthy top like Kendall’s, you can always try puff-sleeve blouses, embroidered tops, and other garments that are very unique. 

Partying in Stockings

It’s hard to party in shorts – especially when it’s cold outside. That’s why you need to follow Alexa Chung so that you can dance the night away with no worries at all.

The model makes this possible with her black stockings – which keep her comfy and warm together with her chunky boots. 

Apart from wearing stockings, you can also keep your top part fashionably warm by wearing a funky long-sleeved top. For more coverage, you can wear it with a jacket or coat too!

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What Shoes Go Best With Denim Shorts?

When it comes to shoes, the possibilities are endless with denim shorts. In fact, these shoes can help you create multiple looks – even if you only have one pair of shorts in your closet. 

Straight to the Point

If you’re petite or have short legs, wearing flats with denim shorts is quite an issue. However, you can enjoy this comfort in a more flattering way with pointy-toe flats.

As seen on the model, pointy-toe shoes can help you create a chic look – even with a very simple outfit. To make things better, it can also make your legs look longer (especially the nude-colored ones!) 

With pointy-toe shoes, you can party ‘til the break of down without achy feet!

Shine in Slingback Shoes

A pair of slingback shoes is the perfect mix of casual and formal elements. With this, you can make a good fashionable impression in your denim short outfits.

Just like the model, you can keep comfy in these shoes – especially if you go for the kitten heel height. And should you go for higher pumps, you’ll remain comfortable as long as you pick the block-heeled kinds. 

Remember, you can go matchy-matchy like the model – or work on a color that contrasts your outfit (say, a black slingback shoe with a white blouse). 

Sleek in Sandals

Want to feminize your tattered or boyfriend-style denim shorts? Apart from wearing a girly top, pairing it with sexy sandals is the way to go.

Flaunting such a style is this beautiful model, who exudes a punk rock flair with her leather jacket and rolled-up jeans. She did, however, managed to keep it sexy with her sleek sandals. 

With this style, you can look lady-like – even if you’re wearing loose, male-inspired pieces. 

Trendy in Booties

Want to be a head-turner just like model Candice Swanepoel? Then make sure to wear your denim short outfit with a rocking pair of booties. 

The model goes to show that with a pair of snakeskin booties, you can look perfect – even if you have a very simple get-up. As you see, she isn’t even wearing jewelry! 

Styling tip: Don’t’ have snakeskin booties? Worry not as a pair of colorful or decorated boots is sure to work just as well.

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Say it With Statement Heels

With statement heels, you can look stunning – no matter how plain your denim short outfit may be.

Just take the case of this model, who opted for a simple white top and ripped denim shorts. She did, however, kept her look classy with a pair of statement heels. 

Styling tip: While you can always opt for a black pair, you can make more waves by picking a brightly colored shoe (yellow or magenta, perhaps?)

Your denim shorts are versatile pieces you can dress up – or down – depending on the occasion. And with these fashion ideas, you can party like a trendy rockstar! 

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