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A pair of black skinny jeans is a must-have for every woman. With its versatile look, you can wear it with a casual outfit – or a more elegant one. 

While skinny jeans can be paired with most kinds of tops (and colors), choosing the right one can help influence your look. So whether you’re after a casual style – or a more sophisticated look – following this guide can help you look like a fashion pro. 


What Casual Tops Go Best With Black Skinny Jeans?

A casual look is something you can wear to the mall – or on a laidback date with the boyfie. Expectedly so, you can perfect this style by wearing your black skinny jeans with any of these tops.  

Terrific in a Turtleneck Top

Want to keep warm and stylish outside? Then you should paint the town red (or in any other color you like) in your favorite turtleneck and black skinny jeans.

This classic pairing looks effortless – and thus requires minimal styling. Like the model, you can achieve a casual-chic style with a statement belt, a structured bag, and a pair of black booties.  

PS: You can always throw on a moto jacket, athletic jacket, or down vest to keep yourself warm during the colder months. 

Warm in a Knitted Sweater 

The ever-fashionable Hailey Baldwin-Bieber is the best example to showcase this casual pairing. While she’s wearing a dressy knitted sweater and big hoop earrings, she made it seem more casual with her athleisure-inspired jacket and high-cut Chucks. And since all her pieces adhere to a neutral color palette, they don’t clash with each other. 

PS: You can create a more sophisticated look with your knitted sweater. All you need to do is replace your sporty jacket with a structured jacket or coat.

Cute in a Cami Top

When it comes to summer style, nothing beats the simplicity (and stylishness) of the cami top and skinny jean pairing. 

A cami top – in all its sexy beauty – blends well with the casual and rugged nature of the model’s skinny jeans. Like her, you can channel a punk rock style with a black moto jacket and shiny black booties. 

Again, this is not exclusive to a casual look. You can also use this top to create a more elegant ensemble. All you just need to do is replace the moto jacket with a structured blazer. Voila! You can now take this outfit to the office. 

Stylish in a Short Sleeve Blouse

Like most girls, there are days when you don’t want to put much effort into your outfit at all. But if you still want to look good without a lot of styling, then you best wear your short sleeve blouse with a pair of black skinny jeans. 

Despite being fairly simple, this combo is perfect for a casual, everyday look. 

You can always go for a classy look by wearing strappy heels such as the model. Another option is to go for a more laidback style, which you can easily by pairing this outfit with sneakers or boots. 

Denim in Blue

Just because you’re wearing black skinny jeans doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with blue jeans. 

Breaking such a barrier is this model, who looks casual and cool with her 2 types of denimwear. 

Her top, which is made of blue denim, looks impeccably well with her ripped skinny jeans. 

Again, this doesn’t combo doesn’t call for much styling. But should you decide to go for it, opt for minimalist accessories. 

As for the shoes, you can wear a sleek pair of sandals for a girly look – or a pair of stark-white sneakers for an athletic vibe. 

Funky in a Fishnet Blouse

A fishnet blouse is not limited to beachwear. In fact, it’s something you can wear for a day out around town. 

If you’re confused as to how to proceed with this, then just refer to this ensemble by model Gigi Hadid. She wears her long-line fishnet blouse on top of a sports bra – though you can also go for a bralette, bandeau, or tube top. 

Like Gigi, you can wear this outfit with a pair of black booties. Again, you can go the other way ‘round by completing your look with a pair of sneakers or sandals. 

(Crop) Top of the World

As temps get higher, more and more women are heading out in their crop tops. And why not? It’s a sexy way to stay comfy amidst the sweltering heat. 

Given its casual style, a crop top can be worn with everything – black skinny jeans included. Case in point: the model Gigi Hadid, who looks stunning in her black crop top and skinny jean pairing. 

While you can wear these 2 items by themselves, you can always add more pieces to your look. Like Gigi, you can channel a beach vibe with a loose, printed cover-up. 

Bank on a Tank 

Like the crop top, a tank top can help you stay cool – and look cool – underneath the powerful rays of the sun. 

Like the model, you can go for an almost sheer, white tank top since light colors feel ‘fresher’ amidst the scorching heat. 

Since this outfit is fairly simple, a tank top and skinny jean pairing is something you can go all out with – at least in terms of accessorizing. Compliment these simple pieces with statement jewelry – or brightly colored shoes. 

Minted and Printed

While a printed, graphic top may be reminiscent of your younger days – it’s a trend you can wear right now. Just like Selena Gomez, you can use it to create a casual look with your black skinny jeans. 

Here, the singer looks low-key in her gray graphic top, black skinny jeans, and mid-calf length. And although it looks very casual, Selena took her look up a notch with her luxe jacket, structured bag, and ruby red lips!

What Sophisticated Tops Go With Black Skinny Jeans?

Even if black skinny jeans are casual bottoms, you can always use them to create a sophisticated look. All you just need to do is pair your bottoms with any of these elegant tops: 

Sassy in a Classy Blouse

Despite being a form of casual wear, black skinny jeans can be worn to more formal events. As long as you wear your pair with a classy blouse such as this one, you can achieve a sophisticated look.

True to its’ name, a classy blouse can indeed make you look classy. Even when it’s worn with black skinny jeans, it gives a fashion flair unlike any other.

Keep true to your classy blouse by pairing this ensemble with statement earrings, a structured bag, and a sexy pair of pumps. 

Stunning in a Silk Blouse

Silk is the embodiment of luxury. This is why a silk blouse can help you achieve an elegant look – even if you’re wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans. 

You can easily take this look to the office without the need to throw on various accessories. However, you can make more waves by completing your outfit with unique pieces.

Just like the model, you should wear your ensemble with a unique bag – and a killer pair of Leopard shoes!

Long Sleeve Blouse 

Sometimes, all you need is a long sleeve blouse to make your outfit look more formal. Such is the case with Kourtney Kardashian, who’s a fan of ripped skinny jeans. And while this style exudes a casual vibe, she managed to refine her look with a striped button-down blouse. 

Like Kourtney, you can go for a minimalist look with a pair of black booties. But if you want to achieve a more feminine flair, then you should swap your boots for a sexy pair of sandals. 

Lovely in a Lace Blouse

Looking to upgrade your usual black skinny jeans outfit? Then you should pair it with a lovely lace blouse.

What’s great about this top is that it barely requires accessories. After all, this ornate top is a statement-maker by itself. 

Should you decide to take this look to the office, make sure to wear it with a sexy pair of pumps (just like the model). Other good footwear options include strappy sandals and ballerina flats (they’re more comfortable too!)

Flirty in a Formal Blouse 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always looks stunning whenever she goes out. And just like her, you can achieve the same aura with a formal blouse and a pair of black skinny jeans.

While Rosie’s top, by all means, is a sexy one, it encapsulates a sophisticated look with its elegant design. She takes it up a notch higher with her stylish sandals that complement her all-black look. Given her sleek clutch and fine jewelry, Rosie’s ensemble is something that non-celebrities can channel for dressier events. 

Back in Business (Blouse)

Tired of the usual trousers? Know that you can still remain trendy – without violating the office dress code. All you just need to do is wear your business blouse – a crisp white button-down top in this case – with a pair of black skinny jeans.

At first look, it seems like the model is simply wearing her usual office garb. But on closer inspection, you’ll see an element of ruggedness with her irregularly-hemmed jeans. She’s quick to hide this with her black pumps and stylish bag. The result: she seems like she’s dressing traditionally for work (although she’s breaking a few rules!)

Sexy in a Sheer Blouse

Victoria shows that you can rock a sheer blouse – even at age 46. The mother of 4 was seen parading around town in her ultra-sexy sheer blouse and black skinny jeans.

Like Posh Spice, you can transform this revealing top into a chic one with smart layering. While there’s no stopping you from wearing a black bra like Victoria, you can make this attire more office-worthy by wearing a black cami or tube top underneath. 

Perfect in a Printed Blouse

While most people associated a printed blouse with casual looks, you can use it to create a more sophisticated ensemble. Just take inspiration from this model, who upped the ante with her beautifully styled outfit.

She created an upscale look by wearing her printed top and skinny jeans with a draped blazer. As for the accessories, she opted for a cloth belt and a suede pair of black booties. Given these easy-to-get items, you can easily replicate this look for work – or a date. 

What Colors Work Well With Black Skinny Jeans?

One of the best things about black skinny jeans is that it works with virtually any other color. To make things easier, we’ve summed up the top color contenders for you. 

Winner in White 

When it comes to black bottoms, the first color that comes to mind is white. And why not – the black and white pairing is popular because it looks good.

The easiest way to achieve this is to wear a crisp white top – just like the model. But if you want to create a more unique look, you can add other white things to your outfit. Be it your shoes or your purse, this pop of white is sure to add a stylish contrast to your overall look. 

Back to Black

If all else fails, you can always go for a monochrome look with your black-on-black outfit. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, this style is not boring! You can add several style elements that can make you look stunning in your monochrome outfit.

Just like the model, you can opt for unique footwear – just like the snakeskin half-mules she wears. You can also add some other vibrant aspects (such as bright colors or funky prints) through your purse, jewelry, or headwear.

Gorgeous Gray

If you like keeping things on the neutral side, then gray is another color you should try. 

Although the gray and black pairing seems a little sad, you can do a lot of things to make your outfit jollier. For one, you can wear it with accessories (or a purse) in a bright color.

You can also wear this pair with a unique pair of footwear. It can be a pair of yellow sandals – or a chunky pair of snakeskin boots. Whatever your choice might be, it can take this pairing from drab to fab. 

Ravishing Red

Like black – and white – red is one of the best colors to pair with your black skinny jeans. As a romantic color, it complements the rugged nature of your black denim.

Like Reese Witherspoon, you should keep this pairing stylishly simple. A plain red top is more than enough – though you can always go for more ornate designs. Ruffles or oversized sleeves, perhaps? 

Should you go for the former, remember to add some classic pieces! For a chic look, wear laid-back items – such as a fine gold necklace, oversized shades, a sleek black bag, and a polished pair of black heels. 

Pretty in Pink

Pink is a delicate color that blends well with black. As such, it’s a shade you should consider for your black skinny jeans outfits. For one, it’s something you can easily take to work – as shown by this model in a pretty pink peplum top. 

Although pink is often donned during spring or summer, you can wear it during the colder seasons as well. It’s just a matter of bundling it up with a jacket or blazer – in another shade of pink if you like! 

Bubbly in Baby Blue

Baby blue is another color that’s often sported during summer and spring. Again, you can break such barriers by wearing this color with your black skinny jeans – even during winter or autumn!

Like the model, you can keep your arms warm with a long-sleeved blouse. As for the shoes, colder seasons call for covered footwear such as boots or sneakers.

However, if you feel like channeling a sexier vibe – you can always follow what the model did – and that is to wear a sexy pair of heels. 

Green With Envy

Green is a beautiful color, but people tend to stay away from it because of its St. Paddy vibes. If you’re one of these individuals, then you might want to reconsider your view – especially if you’re looking for a good shade to pair with your black skinny jeans.

Green actually works well with black trousers, as seen on the model Kate Moss. And since her emerald green sweater is an attention-getter by itself, she keeps the rest of her look peeled back. Like her, you can achieve a ‘model off duty’ look by completing your outfit with a leather jacket and pair of black flats. 

Mellow in Yellow

If you’re looking to pack some punch in your outfit, then you should wear a yellow top with your black skinny jeans.

It need not be a bright banana color, as you can always go for a more subdued shade like that of the model. And although her shirt is plain, she adds some edge to her look by knotting her top – and wearing a chunky pair of boots. Finish it off with your favorite pair of shades and you’ll have a very summery look! 

What Prints Look Good With Black Skinny Jeans?

Apart from the colors stated above, printed tops also work well with black skinny jeans. In fact, here are some designs you ought to consider:

A Life of Stripes

If you’re looking to channel the Parisian chic look, then all you need to do is wear your black skinny jeans with a striped top. As you see, the model looks effortlessly beautiful – even if she wears generally plain garments.

To achieve a full-on Parisian chic style, you can wear this outfit with a beret and black flat shoes. Swipe on a bit of rouge and you’ll be an instant fashion mademoiselle at work – or play! 

Flower Power

Floral is in – especially this spring and summer. That said, it’s a design you should wear with your black skinny jeans. 

Doing so will put you in the league of fashion icons such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In this picture, you’ll see how elegant the model looks in her floral top and black skinny jeans.

To pull off this look, take Rosie’s cue and avoid very busy prints. You’ll see how her top has more solid color – thus making her top an exquisite choice for a casual chic look. 

Connect the Dots

Given the busy look of dotted prints – they’re best worn with plain bottoms – such as your black skinny jeans. 

As seen here, a dotted top is one of the best ways to add more visual appeal to your outfit. Try to avoid large dots though, as they can make you larger than actual. 

And while this outfit doesn’t need a lot of baubles, you can always go all out with your look. Like the model, you can throw in a lovely hat and studded boots for a punk rock flair. 

PS: Black and white dots may be safe, but you should try to explore other brighter shades as well!

Animal Instincts

One of the great things about black skinny jeans is that it pairs well with the loud or outlandish prints. One such example is leopard – which the model rocks exquisitely with her ripped black jeans.

Animal print tops – such as this one – garner enough attention that they don’t need a lot of accessorizing. To avoid looking gaudy, you should follow the model and keep your jewelry simple (she doesn’t even wear earrings!)

As for the rest of the get-up, it’s best to keep it low-key as well. A black clutch – and black heels – are more than enough for this ensemble. 

There you have it – the best tops, colors, and prints to wear with your skinny black jeans. By following this guide, you can create casual and sophisticated looks that will last you throughout the year! 

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