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Madonna has been a music icon for decades. Her meteoric rise to stardom began in the 1980s, when her debut self-titled album was released. It was throughout this era that she made a name for herself.

But her early success wasn’t simply a result of her hit pop songs, it was also achieved through her bold fashion choices.

From her all-white bridal chic ensemble in “Like A Virgin” to her black bodysuit and fishnets on the Who’s That Girl tour, check out this list of Madonna’s most iconic 80s outfits.

Madonna’s Black Bodysuit and Fishnets on the 1987 Who’s That Girl Tour

It was during a performance on her Who’s That Girl world tour in 1987 that Madonna donned what would become one of her most iconic looks of all time. The pop singer came out on stage wearing nothing but a black corset bodysuit, fishnet stockings, and heeled black boots.

Needless to say, the crowd went wild. This ensemble inspired the artist’s look for many decades to come, but it was in the 80s that it originated.

To replicate this edgy ensemble, all you’ll need is a black corset or bodysuit (tassels optional), a pair of black fishnet tights, and black booties.

Madonna’s Pleated High Waisted Pants and Cropped Blazer in Desperately Seeking Susan

You knew Madge acted too, right?

In addition to her legendary music career, Madonna has taken on multiple acting roles on the side. Her first role was in the 1985 dramedy Desperately Seeking Susan. She starred opposite Rosanna Arquette in this flick and in it, she rocked one of her best 80s outfits.

The look consisted of a pair of pleated black high waisted pants, black sneakers, a black lace corset, and a cropped gold blazer. High waisted pants have been back in for a while now, but it’s only recently that 80s pleated pants are having a resurgence.

Madonna’s Desperately Seeking Susan look combines both of these trends into one and then takes it a step further by pairing them with a sexy lace bustier and edgy blazer.

Complete the look with long layered necklaces and a bow headband.


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Madonna’s All-White Ensemble from the “Like A Virgin” Music Video

In the 1980s, Madonna could mostly be found wearing black. But in 1985, through the release of her “Like A Virgin” music video, she single handedly brought bridal wear into the mainstream.

In the now-iconic music video, and in subsequent live performances of the song, Madonna was almost always seen wearing her signature all-white “wedding dress” look.

This outfit featured a midi length white tulle skirt, a lacy white corset, elbow-length lace gloves, long pearl necklaces, and of course, a necklace with a cross pendant.

There are so many layers to this outfit, but what we love most about it in 2019 is the overtly feminine nature of it. Between the pearls, ballerina-esque tulle, and lace bodice, there are so many aspects of this all-white outfit that are back in style today.

Madonna’s Pink Satin Evening Gown in the “Material Girl” Music Video

“Material Girl” may have been the song that launched Madonna into superstardom, but part of the song’s success was definitely the music video.

It was in the 1984 music video that Madonna took inspiration from fellow fashion icon, Marilyn Monroe, by donning a floor length, hot pink strapless gown.

Strapless has been one of the most popular necklines of 2019, with completely sleeveless tops and dresses popping up in stores all over the world.

In addition to the neckline, there is an oversized statement bow affixed to the back of the dress, which relates to two more 2019 trends within the world of high fashion (statement backs on dresses and bows).

Achieve the Material Girl look by accessorizing your hot pink gown with matching elbow-length gloves, a chandelier necklace, a red lip, and plenty of diamond or rhinestone bracelets.

Madonna’s Suspenders and Skipper Cap in “The Lollipop Session” Photo Shoot of 1983

In 1983, Madonna was photographed in what would become one of the most famous photo shoots of her career. The photographer behind the camera was Deborah Feingold and the subject was none other than a 25 year old Madonna.

For the shoot, Madonna wore a plain white t-shirt underneath black pants held up by suspenders and a black skipper cap. Skipper caps have only recently started trending thanks to celebs like Bella Hadid who have been spotted wearing them all over town.

Jumpers with suspender-like straps have also made a comeback in 2019, proving that Madonna always has been and always will be the queen of 80s style.

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