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FRIENDS is one of the most successful shows of the 20th century. This fame has led to many requests for a reunion, the likes of which came true last May 27. In fact, 29% of the entire US tuned into the HBO Max-produced show.

More than just reminiscing the show’s fun times, its fans can’t help but relive the show’s styles as well. And like before, one of the fan favorites for fashion is Monica Geller, who was played by the very talented Courtney Cox. 

If you’re looking to recreate the chef’s look from head to toe, then here are Monica Geller style tips you ought to follow.


How to Dress Like Monica 

Here are some of the outfits you could try to look like Monica Geller: 

Simple Tank and Pants Outfit

You don’t have to rummage over your vintage clothes to get the Monica Geller look. For one, you can try this very simple get-up.

For one, you need to take a red tank and wear it tucked-in with your ripped straight jeans. Put on your favorite white sneakers and that’s it!

Tip: If you’re looking to wear this in a colder climate, then all you need to do is to throw a jacket or cardigan on top. 

Button-Down and Jeans

Apart from the outfit above, this ensemble is another easy style you can imitate.

As the title suggests, it’s all about wearing your white button-down top with your straight-leg jeans.

Like Monica, make sure to tuck the top in. You can tie the ends as well – a style you’ll see in her other outfits.

Don’t forget to wear a classic belt too. 

For your footwear, make sure to don your socks with a pair of wedge-heeled Mary Janes. 

Smoking Red Hot Dress

Want to be a bombshell just like Monica? Then all you need to do is slip on a smoking red hot dress. 

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, as a simple style like this can make you look oh-so-hot. 

For the ultimate butt-lift, remember to wear this with a pair of sky-high heels.

And if you’re looking to get the entire Monica look, you should go and wear this with any of her makeup looks below. 

Sexy in Suspenders

Monica’s looks are way ahead, even during her time. One great example is this get-up, where she wears a plain top and breeches – supported by a suspender! 

Like her, you can make this ‘juvenile’ style look impeccable with the right styling options. 

For one, you can wear it with high-heeled sandals to make your behind look firmer.  

You can also leave the suspenders (one or both) ‘unsuspended’ for a nouveau chic look. 

College Girl

While Monica is no longer a student, this outfit is something you could easily take to uni.

All you just need are two vital things: A sweater top and a floral A-line skirt. 

In true Monica style, don’t forget to tuck in the top to your skirt. You could also wear some tights if it’s nippy outside. 

As for accessories, it pays to keep it refined and simple. As seen here, all she wore were simple earrings, a dainty necklace, and a trusty old wristwatch. 

Schoolgirl Feels

Apart from the look above, you can get a nouveau schoolgirl look by trying this Monica Geller outfit. 

What you need are 3 items you’ll probably find in your (or your sibling’s) closet: an oversized leather bomber jacket, a graphic shirt, and a plaid skirt. 

You can wear this attire with plain white sneakers or ankle booties. 

Looking to add some grunge feel to this outfit? It could be as simple as wearing a plastic choker on your neck. 

Romper Look

Monica likes wearing jumpers and rompers, and this is, by far, one of the best.

Here, she wears a black romper outfit – with a girly button-down top underneath. 

And to keep her leg warms in her Manhattan setting, Monica opted to wear a pair of opaque tights.

As for shoes, you can wear several styles for this outfit. Good options include ankle booties or ballet flats. You can also go for a pair of heeled Mary Janes – something that happens to be one of Monica’s favorites.

Brown But Not Boring

Some people view brown as dull. Monica, however, goes to show that it could be just as interesting as the other brighter colors.

Monica did so by making use of different brown tones – and different textures as well. Here, she wears a woolen sweater with a suede A-line skirt and leather knee boots. 

A perfect autumn outfit, you can spruce up this get-up by throwing gold-toned accessories into the mix.  

Black and White

Just like her all-brown outfit, Monica shows that a black-and-white pairing is just as stylish. 

Here, she wears a simple black tee with a white skirt (with some black leather linings). 

One of the greatest things about this outfit is that it’s perfect for casual romps or work meetings. 

For a laidback style, you should wear this with a pair of white sneakers. But for dressier events, you could don this with tights and heels (or ballet flats). 

Dress Over Top

The ‘dress over top’ style is great for colder temperatures. Case in point: Monica Geller, looking sophisticated in such an ensemble.

To achieve her work-appropriate style, all you need to do is wear a sweater top (not the chunky one) underneath a sheath dress. You can also wear tights underneath if it’s too chilly outside. 

If you’re looking to add more pizzazz to this simple outfit, you could wear this with an eye-catching necklace. 

Pretty in a Palazzo

With Palazzo pants making a comeback, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this Monica Geller look.

Like this fashion icon, it’s all about wearing your palazzo pants with a cropped top. Because of the former’s high-waisted nature, you won’t have to worry about exposing your tummy at all.

Tip: If you want to look taller, pick pants with a vertical stripe design (such as this one). It can make your looks leg longer. 

Velvet Vixen

Velvet button-down skirts are all the rage today. And if you think it’s new, then you haven’t seen this Monica Geller outfit.

Here, Monica wears her brown suede skirt with a gray sweater top and a pair of tights. 

Again, this is an outfit you could easily sport during the autumn. But if you want something for summer or spring, it’s as easy as swapping these earthy shades for brighter ones. Yellow and magenta, perhaps? 

Sporty + Ladylike

Although it seems hard to mix casual and dressy elements, Monica Geller has been able to do this – and then some!

Be just like her by wearing your oversized sweater top with an ornate skirt. It doesn’t matter if they’re of different colors. As you see here, Monica manages to match baby blue with her neutrally-colored skirt. 

If you’re leaning towards a casual style, then wear this outfit is sure with a pair of white sneakers. But if you want to make it more sophisticated, then you should go for a pair of sexy sandals. 

Monica Geller’s Makeup Looks 

Want to channel Monica’s makeup looks? Here, we explore the cosmetics used by Monica Geller – as divulged by FRIENDS makeup artist Robin Spiegel. 


Robin’s MUA Beth Spatz was mostly in charge of Monica’s looks. For her eyes, she used dark jewel-tone colors. Good examples include dark blue, green, and violet shades. 

As with the rest of the female cast, Monica channeled thin yet dark eyebrows. If this works for you, then why not try it? 


Compared to her ‘Friends’, Monica doted on bolder lip shades. For this, Beth used the Mac lipstick in ‘Spice it up’. 

Monica Geller Hairstyles to Try RN

Now that you have the clothes and makeup done, it’s time to try Monica Geller’s trademark hairstyles. Here are 5 of them: 

Wavy Layers

As with most of the female FRIENDS cast, Monica Geller had her own version of wavy layers. 

To maintain this look, you will need to use a round hairbrush. 

You will also need to use products specially made for wavy hair. For one, you need a shampoo made with gentle products as this will keep your locks moisturized and silky smooth. 

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Despite having naturally wavy tresses, Monica didn’t hesitate to cut it short. 

But to maintain this look, there are several tips you need to keep in mind. For example, you will need to use a paddle brush to brush your hair from side to side. Doing this while you blow-dry your locks will keep your hair flowing ‘good’. 

Half Pony with Bangs

If your short hair is growing and you find it to be a little cumbersome, you don’t necessarily have to chop it off. You can do what Monica did and that is to tie her hair in a half-pony.

Like her, you can add some drama to look by freeing a few of your bangs. It could be ‘sparse’ like that of the actress – or swept to the sides if they’re pretty long. 

Full Pony with Bangs

Apart from the half-pony, you can also try Monica’s full-pony hairstyle with bangs. It doesn’t matter if you have short hair – as you can do this just like the TV chef.

Make sure to create a smooth, polished full pony – keeping your parted hairline along the way. Let your baby hair (or bangs) fall to one side and voila – you now have a signature Monica look! 

Long and Simple

Getting the Monica Geller look doesn’t necessarily mean cutting your long hair. You can keep it flowing just like what the chef did. 

When you have locks this long, it’s important to take good care of them. You can do so by avoiding heated or chemical treatments as much as possible. It will also help to use nourishing hair products that protect your hair from the elements.

Monica Geller, as with the rest of the FRIENDS cast, is one of the best style icons to channel right now. By following these hair, makeup, and style tips, you can recreate her looks very easily. 

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