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A romper – also known as a playsuit – is a stylish outfit that’s perfect for spring and summer. Compared to jumpsuits – which have long sleeves and pant lengths – rompers have everything ‘short’ – thus keeping you cool on particularly warm days.

Although a romper is cute enough on its own, there are many ways you can style this outfit. Whether you’re interested in playful looks or more romantic ones, here are tips on how you can look stylish in your favorite romper. 

How to Find the Perfect Romper For Your Body Type

Fashion is all about choosing the most flattering design for your body type. That said, here’s a list of the best romper styles to wear according to your shape.


Congratulations! You have balanced bust and hips – and an itty-bitty waist – just like Marilyn Monroe. Why hide it? In fact, you should flaunt it even more with the help of a waist-cinched romper. 

As seen on the model, a belted romper can accentuate your already-trim waist. And with a floral design such as this one, you get to enjoy the summer vibes – even if you aren’t headed out for a beach vacation. 

Styling tip: If you can’t find a belted one, you can always put any belt around your usual romper. 

Top Heavy

The inverted triangle or V shape features a broad top and narrow hips. Seen on the likes of Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner, top-heavy women should stay away from rompers with high necklines – as well as those with printed and bulky tops. 

Instead, you should draw attention away from your top by going for an off-shoulder or V-neck romper. Just like the model, this outfit can ‘balance’ your body shape – in a style that’s perfect for spring or summer!

Apple Shape

Apple-shaped women have broad shoulders, a wide torso, and a thicker midsection. Although your bust may be average – and your waist undefined – you can ‘define’ them (like an hourglass-shaped woman) with a belted or cinched romper. 

One of the apple-shaped celebrities to imitate is Lindsay Lohan, who sure knows how to work her figure. Just like her, you can create the illusion of a thinner waist simply by belting your romper. 

Pear Shape

Also known as the triangular frame, this shape is all about having a narrow waist and plump hips & thighs. 

If you have a pear-shaped body ala Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, then you should pick a romper that has an ‘over the top’ top. Rompers with embellishments, loud prints, or bright colors will help balance your curvy bottom.

Here you’ll see how Beyonce follows the ‘dress code’ with her printed romper – complimented with a cape cause why not?

Short-Waisted / Short Torso

If you have a short torso, then it means that you have a short waist placed higher than your bent elbow. It also means that you have longer legs (in terms of proportion). Although this is the case, you can easily play these features up with the right romper style.

To elongate your figure, you should go for a solid-colored romper with a low V-neck. Achieving this style is short-waisted Nicole Ritchie, who helped create a lower opening by unbuttoning a good part of her romper. 

Boy Shape or Athletic

An athletic body type, which is sported by the likes of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, goes straight up and down. And while your boy-shaped body may lack curves in the chest, hips, and rear, you can create the illusion of having these with the right romper. 

To create the illusion of a curvy shape, all you need to do is wear peplum or skirt-like rompers. Another option is to wear a ruffled peplum – such as that of the model – to achieve some ‘curves’ on the top.

How to Style Rompers This Summer

Although rompers don’t need much styling, you can create a whole new look with this simple outfit. You can make this possible simply by following the styling tips below.

Set the Shoulder Differently 

An off-shoulder romper is a great way to look girly and feminine for both casual and formal events. It’s very sexy too – even if it doesn’t show much skin.

Although you could always wear your off-shoulder romper the conventional method, you can play it up a notch just like Kendall Jenner. Here, the model sports the top in an asymmetrical way. By following this trick, you can create multiple looks with a single off-shoulder romper. 

Up With a Button-Down

A button-down blouse is a classic piece you can dress formally or casually. This makes it a perfect layering item for most garments, including your romper.

As seen on the model, the button-down top works as a structured contrast with her loose, printed romper. In fact, they look so good together that they don’t need much accessorizing. Although this is the case, there’s no stopping you from throwing some fine earrings and necklace into the mix. 


The print-on-print trend is quite hard to pull off. But just like the model, you can do this easily with your favorite romper. 

The key to rocking this trend is sticking with a certain tonal range. As seen here, the model remained true with the black and white palette.

It’s also good to mix big prints with smaller ones. Again, the model accomplishes this by pairing her big dot top with her small dot romper. 

Styling tip: Start small with this trend by going with easy-to-style prints, such as stripes and geometric prints. 

Mix Casual With Formal

A lacy playsuit such as this one is perfect for dressier events. This, however, should not limit your styling capacity. After all, you can dress it down for a more casual getaway. 

Similar to the model, all you need to do is mix formal and casual elements. To contrast her luxe romper, you should wear it with a more rugged piece – such as this camo jacket.

Another good ‘contrasting’ option is a leather moto jacket or an oversized athleisure bomber jacket. Just make sure to keep the colors and designs in harmony to avoid a confusing look. 

Sexy and Sheer

Layering your romper is easy – even if it’s hot outside. As long as you have a sheer topper like that of the model, you can remain cool as you parade around town. 

A great thing about a sheer topper is that it works both ways. It’s good for beach romps – as well as more formal events. Like the model, an ornately designed layer can make your plain romper a more sophisticated fashion piece. 

Styling tip: While you can stick with a certain color palette, you can opt for a sheer topper in an opposite or contrasting color (i.e. black romper with white cover-up, or vice-versa). 

One With a Cardigan

Although playsuits are often worn during the hotter months, they can be sported during nippy days as well. All you just need to do is wear it with your favorite cardigan. 

Like the model, it’s all about mixing plains and prints. Given the geometric design of her romper, it’s best worn with a plain topper such as what she wore. 

Similarly so, you can wear a printed cardigan if you’re donning a plain romper. 

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Better in a Blazer

Looking to wear your romper in the office – or upscale events? All you need to do is follow Jamie Chung and top it off with a structured blazer. With this styling hack, you can look more sophisticated – even if you’re wearing a very casual romper.

Remember: while you can wear any romper style underneath, you can achieve a more glamorous look with a polished playsuit. Just like Jamie, a plain romper is a better choice for more formal events. 

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Play With Lengths

Cardigans and blazers are very good outerwear options. But if you want to play with lengths, then go for long-line toppers such as this one.

Not only will this help with contrast, but your topper can offer more protection as well. Such is the case for colder nights when you can use it to bundle yourself up.

Styling tip: You can take this pairing to more elegant events by wrapping and cinching your long-line cardigan over your romper with a belt. 

Layer After Layer

Keeping warm in a romper can be tough, but you can do this fashionably by adding layer upon layer of outfits.

Like the model, you should start with a plain romper. If it’s sleeveless, you can wear a long-sleeve top underneath.

Top this off with a blazer, which you could belt to flaunt your figure. 

Finish it off with a coat and there you have it – a glamorous, layered look made possible by your summer playsuit. 

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From Day to Night

While a playsuit is a casual garment, it’s something you can style for more formal events as well. All you need is a plain, body-fit romper such as that of the model.

Glamming up your romper is as simple as adding a train to your outfit. You don’t have to buy one necessarily since you can experiment with some of your closet staples. For example, you can layer it with a luxe maxi skirt or a high-slit one. 

Remember: with the right accessories, you can create an easy yet elegant look with your playsuit! 

How to Accessorize Your Romper

Yes, your romper doesn’t need much styling. However, there’s no stopping you from doing so. With these accessorizing tips, you can create a whole new look even if you’re wearing a simple playsuit. 

Tip the Hat

Protect your hair (and face) from harmful UV rays by styling your romper with a cute hat. 

Although the straw ones are fairly popular for a boho look, you can opt for more unique styles such as this bucket hat. This can add a feel of athleisure to your cute romper outfit, which the model has successfully done in her picture.

Styling tip: You can also use a baseball cap or a visor to create a comfy athleisure look. 

Style it With a Scarf 

Plain rompers are fun to style. After all, you can throw on virtually any accessory into the mix.

But if you’re looking for a trendy yet functional accessory, then you should pick a good scarf to go with your romper.

For one, you can style it in a lot of ways. You can wear it on your neck such as the model – and you can even wear it as a bandana. Given its versatility, it’s the perfect accessory to have – especially during very sweaty summer days.

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A Jolt of Jewellery

The right accessories can make or break your look. And in this model’s case, it elevated her look to a whole new level.

Styling bright, printed rompers such as this one can be quite tricky, yet the model shows that it can be done – even with a statement necklace just like hers.

What’s important here is to avoid a clash of ‘statements’. It’s all about going for a simple piece such as this one, instead of big baubles and stones that can make your look outright chaotic.  

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Sashay in Stockings

Again, rompers are not only for the hotter seasons. Like Alexa Chung, you can keep yourself warm – even if you wear it during particularly colder times.

The key to staying comfy is wearing a thick pair of tights just like Alexa. The stark black stockings blend well with her dotted playsuit and tie-up shoes. And, to add some contrast, you can layer your outfit with a differently-colored trench – such as Alexa’s camel-hued coat.

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What Shoes Look Best With Rompers?

One of the best things about rompers is that they look well with most types of shoes. But if you want a quick run-down of the finest options, then here are 6 of them:

Sneaky Sneakers

Sneakers are very trendy shoes that you can wear with almost anything. As seen here, they pair well with a girly romper. They’re very comfy too, especially if you’re headed out on a vacation like the model!

The key to mastering this look is to go for simple sneaker designs. A white pair – such as this one – is sure to complement any type of romper, be it plain or printed. 

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Cool in Half Mules

Tired of wearing your romper with the usual sandals and flat shoes? Well, you should try a pair of trendy half-mules this spring or summer.

With half-mules, you can create a look that marries both formal and casual elements. It’s all business in the front – and a beachy vibe in the back. 

Like the model, you can easily wear this shoe with a summery frock – such as this pink dotted romper. 

Styling tip: Want to look like you have longer legs – minus the heels? Then make sure to try a pair of nude-colored half-mules. 

Hoard Oxfords

Want something unique that you can wear comfortably for the entire day? Then you should consider pairing your romper with a pair of Oxfords. With its shoelace eyelets under the vamp, this shoe can effectively redefine your look. 

Like the model, you can go for a nude pair as it’s very easy to pair with most types of garments. But if you’re looking to complete a trendy look, then you could always go for color-blocked oxfords! 

Statement Sandals

Do you have a pair of statement sandals that you haven’t worn for so long? Instead of letting it rot in your closet, it’s time you brought it out! After all, it’s sure to look great with your favorite romper.

Orange tie-up sandals like this one can be a little tricky to pair with most outfits. But with a plain black romper like that of the model, you can wear your most outlandish sandals – even if they’re in bright yellow or shocking pink. 

Feel the Heels

Whether you’re wearing a plain or printed romper, you can add a flair of elegance by pairing it with a lovely pair of heels. Just look at Taylor Swift, who looks chic in her floral jumpsuit and mustard yellow heels.

If you are afraid of a pop of color, you need not worry. A simple pair of nude heels will do you good, especially if you want to make your legs appear longer. 

Smooth in Boots

If you love wearing boots, then you’ll be glad to know that you can rock them with your favorite jumpsuit as well. 

As seen on the model, you can even wear thinner tights underneath. But if you’re expecting some coldness during the night, you can go for tights of a thicker denier. 

Plain boots work best with printed rompers such as this one, though you can always play it up with some brightly colored patent booties!

Rompers are stylish must-have pieces that shouldn’t be limited to the hotter months. Even with their casual vibe, you can always dress them up for upscale events – simply by following the tips above. 

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