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The eighties fashion world saw the rise of many great trends inspired by styles of the past. The resurgence of the hippie trend in the eighties is one that gained particularly prominence.

The eighties hippie scene saw a unique twist on the hippie styles that soared to popularity in the sixties, and created a unique, distinct and stylish look unlike anything else circulating in the eighties fashion world.

Embracing trends like tie dye, flower crowns and putting a unique twist on the classic denim jacket, the eighties hippie scene embraced ideals of peace, freedom and individuality.

If you are wanting to incorporate some of the great eighties hippie styles into your look, we have all the best trends for you!


The Tie Dye Trend

There are few things that embrace the freedom loving vibes of the hippie scene quite like tie dye. In the hippie scene of the eighties tie dye was king and could be found on almost any article of clothing from t-shirt to trousers to jackets.

Film star Betheny Frankel recently shared a picture of herself in the eighties rocking the tie dye craze. Try styling a tie dye shirt with some denim shorts for a casual look that embraces those hippie vibes.

Flower Power

We all know of the importance of flowers in the hippie scene and in the eighties this love affair with nature extended into clothing. Eccentric floral print was the must have material and the more over the top and colourful the better.

When embracing this trend try it in an oversized shirt or get inspiration from movie star Meryl Streep’s eighties look and try rocking a floral print sun dress.

Peace, Love and Harmony

There aren’t many pieces as instantly recognisable in the hippie scene than a necklace with a chunky peace symbol. A peace necklace looks good with almost any outfit, try it over a loose fitting dress or with some baggy trousers for some true hippie vibes.

Make sure you check out how Madonna embraced the peace necklace back in the eighties for more inspiration.

Who Said Trousers Should be Tight?

If there was one element that every eighties hippie truly embraced it was freedom and this ideal of freedom extended into their clothing. Baggy, cropped trousers were a favourite in the eighties hippie scene and were even seen being worn by stars like Demi Moore.

Some cropped baggy trousers look great styled with a tie dye crop top and a flower crown for a casual yet stylish hippie inspired outfit.

A Meadow Crown

A flower crown is a timeless and beautiful accessory that was embraced with open arms by the eighties hippie scene. This accessory looks perfect with a sundress for a daintier look or can be the ultimate accessory for attending any festival.

Molly Ringwold was a fan of the flower crown back in the eighties while today famous faces like Vanessa Hudgens love to wear a flower crown.

Amazing Anklets

Who ever said that jewellery trends shouldn’t include the ankles clearly never embraced the 80s hippie trend. A dainty chain anklet was all the rage for the eighties hippie and was even seen on eighties stars like Cyndi Lauper.

For an effortless and carefree hippie vibe style an anklet with some strappy sandals, or even try going barefoot.

Spread the Message

Tie dye and floral print weren’t the only great options for eighties hippies, graphic and slogan tees were also immensely popular. Often featuring messages of peace, freedom and love, graphic tees fit right into an 80s hippie wardrobe.

For this look try styling a graphic tee with some denim shorts or a long, loose flowing skirt. Back in the eighties top model Pat Cleveland was a fan of the graphic tee.

Don’t Forget to Accessorise

Any true eighties hippie knew that the secret to a great outfit was in the accessories. Sunglasses were a particular favourite. Often taking inspiration from the sixties, round glasses worn by the likes of John Lennon, were immensely popular in the eighties hippie scene.

Susan Sarandon was a particular fan of the eighties hippie sunglasses. Try out a pair of round sunglasses with a graphic tee, shorts and a flower crown.

Embrace the Natural World

The true hippie vibe aimed to work with and embrace nature rather than fight against it, as such when channelling some hippie styles for your next outfit pay attention to the materials.

The eighties hippie embraced natural materials like cotton and hemp and incorporated wooden beaded necklaces into their outfit to keep the natural world in the spotlight.


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Harem Pants

Harem pants were once again an eighties style that fit right into the hippie scene. Harmen pants, loose fitting and baggy pants with a dropped crotch, were immensely popular in the eighties and has seen a bit of a comeback in the modern fashion world.

These pants looks great with a tie-dye singlet.

Back in the eighties star like Donna Summer wore this look to perfection.

Denim Jackets

As the weather got colder the eighties hippie reached for the denim jacket. A denim jacket in the eighties hippie scene was often embellished with patches featuring symbols like the peace signs or flowers and looked super trendy with some shorts, over a sundress or when styled with a long, flowing skirt.

Eighties star Sarah Jessica Parker could often be seen embracing the denim jacket look.

The fashions and styles embraced by the eighties hippie scene were ones that were truly unique and wholeheartedly embraced the principles and morals that were prominent in the eighties hippie community.

When looking to get inspiration for your own eighties hippie themed outfit remember to keep a focus on the natural world, keep clothing loose and don’t forget to accessorise.

Most of all though embrace those vibes of love and freedom that were at the heart of every eighties hippie style.

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