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Prince has been serving up major fashion inspiration since the moment he stepped onto the scene. The iconic American singer, songwriter, and performer never failed to astound his audiences, wearing outfit after outfit that continued to push the boundaries of the fashion industry.

Keep reading for three outfits that prove Prince is the ultimate 80s fashion icon.

Prince’s Purple Trench Coat, White Blouse, and Velvet Pants on the Purple Rain Tour

When you think of Prince, your mind immediately goes to the iconic purple ensemble he repeatedly wore on his Purple Rain tour. Purple Rain was the artist’s sixth studio album, which was released in 1984.

By this point, the singer was already known for his eclectic fashion sense, but this purple outfit truly pushed him into icon territory.

The look was achieved through a long purple trench coat (below the knees in length), a white shirt with plenty of ruffles down the front, and lastly, a pair of floral maroon pants made of velvet.

While the outfit all together may be a lot for the average person, there are plenty of trends you can pull from within the outfit for a more subtle nod to the High Priest of Pop.

For example, velvet in all its forms has made a comeback, so even if you can’t find a floral-adorned version, keep your eye out for velvet culottes, cropped pants, or even flared pants.


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Prince’s Halter Neck Jumpsuit While Performing in Minneapolis

On June 7, 1984, Prince walked on stage for a show in Minneapolis, Minnesota wearing nothing but a halter neck jumpsuit. Since this is Prince, it wasn’t just any ordinary jumpsuit. Rather, it was lavender in colour with a floral pattern throughout.

This daring look certainly caught the attention of the audience, but it also caught ours, some 35 years later. Although less popular in men’s fashion, both halter necklines and jumpsuits on the whole have been major fashion trends in the last few years.

Halter tops and dresses can be seen in almost any store, while all kinds of jumpsuits from utilitarian in style to party-ready iterations like Prince’s have become commonplace one again.

For those hesitant to bare it all like Prince, consider wearing a tank top or t-shirt beneath your jumpsuit, or choosing one with a higher neckline and more coverage on the sides or in the back.

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Prince’s Asymmetrical All-Black Look While Performing at the Fabulous Forum

It was in 1985 that Prince walked onto the stage at the Forum in Inglewood, California wearing an outfit we would remember forever.

The look consisted of an elbow-length black lace glove on this right arm, a black shawl that was draped around his neck and over his left arm, a decorative belt, and a pair of high waisted black pants.

As we all know, Prince’s fashion choices were intended to wow. That is why on the surface an all-black outfit sounds nothing like him.

But when you start to notice the details, such as the asymmetrical neckline of the shawl and gloves or the contrasting textures (from lace to fringe to metal to velvet), you start to realize that this outfit really is the epitome of Prince.

While the ensemble styled in the same way that Prince wore might be a bit daring, there are plenty of trendy elements we can take from it.

For example, asymmetrical necklines on shirts, dresses, and even jackets are trending right now, in addition to high waistlines and outfits that mix different patterns and textures.

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