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Scarves were originally intended to keep our necks cosy and warm, but they have recently become a true piece of fashion. Today, there are many scarves styles available, with different fabrics, patterns and colours. This means that you can always find something which matches your style and can enhance your look.

If you need some inspiration to wear your favourite scarves, here you will find plenty of ideas.


What Styles are Trending?

One of the biggest trendings for scarves are oversized pieces. They are comfy and cosy, and will immediately make your outfit look more dynamic. However, there are several other styles that are trending among scarves lovers. This includes:

  • Scarves with delicate and pastel tones
  • Knitwear scarves, especially with a matching hat
  • Cashmere scarves over formal outfits
  • Geometric-shaped and square scarves
  • Neck scarves, to be used as part of your officewear

What Color Matches with a Scarf?

Scarves come in different styles and colours, meaning that they can be freely worn with any outfit. If you want to make your scarf your statement piece, you can enhance it by keeping the rest of your outfit nice and simple. For example, you can rock a natural-shaded coat, a cream top, or some grey or black pants. Add a colourful and fashionable scarf and you will be the perfect fashionista.

How Do You Wear a Winter Scarf Fashionably?

Depending on your scarf’s length, fabric and style, you can wear it in different ways. For example:

  • Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck, making sure that both ends fall in front.
  • If your scarf is thin or short, tie it firmly on your neck as it was a necktie.
  • You can wear short scarves around your neck as normal scarves, but make sure the triangled part sits in front.
  • Let your scarf hand loosely around your shoulders for a more relaxed and informal look.

Does a Scarf Keep You Warm?

Of course, the original purpose of scarves was to keep our necks warm and cosy when it is very cold out there. However, over the years this piece of accessory has been reviewed and redesigned by many fashionista and brand, and it is now a must for many looks.

This means that while scarves are still worn for practical and sometimes even religious reasons, they are some of the most popular statement pieces in fashion.

Do Scarves Look Good?

Of course, scarves always look good, especially if you find the best way to wear them to enhance your look while keeping yourself warm. For example, you can either:

  • Rock an oversized scarf all over your coat
  • Wear a small, squared scarf as a necktie
  • Wear a silk scarf to highlight your outfit
  • Tie your scarf to your bag so it will always ready to go while acting as a nice and unique accessory

Do You Wear Scarf Inside or Outside Your Jacket?

Whether you wear it inside or outside your jacket, depends on how much attention you want to put on the scarf itself. For example, if you are wearing a luxury or statement scarf, you should definitely wear it outside your coat and make sure it is well enhanced.

Otherwise, if you only need your scarf to keep yourself warm, or if you want to achieve a minimalistic look, then you can keep it inside your jacket.

Should Your Hat Match Your Scarf?

Your hat and your scarf will most likely be your favourite accessories, especially in the wintertime. For this reason, you can definitely match them, to make your outfit look more cohesive. However, you can choose whether you wish to match their pattern or colour.

Of course, you can match both, but you shouldn’t overdo it. In some instances, mixing different patterns and styles can make your outfit more unique!

How Do You Wear a Scarf with Jeans?

Scarves can be very versatile, meaning that you can make them the perfect accessory to enhance your favourite jeans. For example, you can wear a square or short scarf over a basic tee, and complete your look with some denim.

If you are wearing mom or loose-fitting jeans, make sure that your scarf is tied firmly on your neck. On the contrary, you might want to wear your scarf a bit loose to contrast some tight-fitting pants.

How Do You Wear a Scarf with a Formal Dress?

There are many ways to style your scarf and make it the perfect accessory for your formal look. For example, you can just wrap it around your neck or, for a more dynamic look, you can throw it over your shoulders and let it hang loose.

Depending on your dress and the style you want to achieve, you can play with several ideas. The same applies to the right patterns and colours: the sky’s your limit!

Can You Wear Silk Scarves in Winter?

Silk scarves are very elegant and fashionable, and they can be worn with just about everything, including in the wintertime. Of course, it all depends on the weather! If you feel warm and comfortable with your silk scarf even when it is snowing out there, you should definitely rock your style.

Make sure to pair it with some matching exercise to enhance the elegance of the silk and make it more functional, based on the weather.

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