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Skateboarding has now become so mainstream that you don’t have to own a skate to dress like a true skater. Since skaters’ priority is to be comfortable and free enough to play with their board, they don’t usually put too much effort into what they wear.

The only thing you need is to embrace the perfect 1980s-inspired style, and understand how to rock an oversized hoodie or a graphic t-shirt.

In other words, skater men’s fashion is now more a statement style inspired by those who, in the 1980s, expressed their personality throughout their skating skills.

If you wish to replicate their style, here you will find a lot of interesting ideas. Ready to become the ultimate skater boy?


What Is Skater Style?

Skateboarding became particularly popular in the 1970s, although skates began increasing in popularity in the 1960s among young people. However, it was only in the 1980s and 1990s that the skater style began to develop properly until it became a timeless, global phenomenon.

With its practical and comfortable fashion choices, this style is all about functionality. Skaters were unconventional without necessarily being controversial, and they were rejecting the use of clothing to demonstrate a certain status symbol. In other words, the carefree and casual features have always been the main elements of this aesthetics.

Today, many fashion designers are inspired by men’ skater fashion. From fashion influencers to high-end artists, embracing the skater style has become a must and a new way to express uniqueness and personality.

Do Skater Men Wear Accessories?

Although skaters tend to prioritise function over form, nothing can make us feel more fashionable and fabulous than our favourite accessories. In other words, you don’t need to renounce your favourite embellishments to be a true skater.

For example, the wallet chain is one of the most iconic statement accessories of men’s skater fashion. Green Day and other punk rock band made it a piece of high fashion, and it is also a very practical item.

Photo by Asos (Asos Design Wallet in Black with Silver Multi Chain Detail)
Photo by Asos (Asos Design Wallet in Black with Silver Multi Chain Detail)

Other cool accessories for skaters are baseball caps, backpack with graphic prints, and tube socks. These, in particular, are one of the best ways to embrace the original 1980s-inspired look and will make your sneakers even more comfortable.

The Ultimate Wardrobe of Every Perfect Skater Boy

Oversized clothes

Twisting, tearing, and even blood stains are usually the order of the day for any skater. For this reason, when it comes to clothing, you should opt for oversized, non-restrictive and practical pieces. If you enjoy playing any kind of sport you know that clothes will not remain in pristine condition for long.


Hoodies are a must in your wardrobe, even if you are not a proper skater boy. They can be paired with a variety of pants and jeans, and you can wear a t-shirt underneath to keep yourself warmer. Looking for an extra touch? Consider a hoodie with a graphic print on the front.

Photo by Boohoo Man (Man Official Graphic Hoodie)
Photo by Boohoo Man (Man Official Graphic Hoodie)

Flat-Soled Shoes

Converse All-Stars, Superga, Vans and Etnies are only a few of the many brands that have made their fortune by selling skater shoes. Flexible, flat-soled sneakers are ideal to keep you on the board. Nowadays, there are so many models available on the market that you can even rock them as a formal accessory.

Photo by Asos (Vans Old Skool Trainer with Gum Sole in Green)
Photo by Asos (Vans Old Skool Trainer with Gum Sole in Green)

Get the Vintage Look

Back in the 1980s, skaters never spent a lot of money on shiny new accessories or trendy clothes. All they needed was a comfy t-shirt or hoodie, and a faded pair of jeans. You can recreate the same look by shopping at any second-hand shop or buying some vintage-inspired items.

Photo by Urban Outfitters (Other Side Overdyed Black Hoodie)
Photo by Urban Outfitters (Other Side Overdyed Black Hoodie)


Punk Fashion: (Men’s Edition)

Subcultures of the 1980s That Inspired Men’s Fashion

Get the 80s Grunge Look for Men…

Get Punk

Punk skaters were all about bright red and black clothes, with images of skulls and blood. Just like heavy metal fans, they knew how to rock their favourite band t-shirts, although you can embrace the same look with any black tee.

Photo by Viento Clothing (Men T-Shirt Black Mexican Skull)
Photo by Viento Clothing (Men T-Shirt Black Mexican Skull)

Flannel Shirts

Button-down shirts of any kind are a must for any skater. It’s time to rock your checkered, flannel or gingham shirt and embrace your skater soul! Besides, shirts can also be worn on top of your band or logo t-shirt.

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-shirts are always cool, and the best way to add a touch of colour and style to any outfit. Of course, oversized pieces are always the best ones. Go for a t-shirt with a brand name, slogan or logo to nail the perfect skater aesthetic.

Photo by Asos (Asos Design Master of the Universe T-Shirt)
Photo by Asos (Asos Design Master of the Universe T-Shirt)

Tight-Fitting Dark Jeans

Modern skaters usually wear tight jeans, which can be more comfortable than other types of pants. Anyway, make always sure that they have some elasticity in the fabric, especially if you wish to feel comfortable.

Photo by Calvin Klein (Slim Jeans)
Photo by Calvin Klein (Slim Jeans)

Loose Knee-Length Shorts

If you don’t like jeans, or if the weather is too hot, you can still embrace your skater soul and play with some khaki shorts. However, be careful not to wear them too loose or low, especially if doing particular tricks with your skate.

Photo by Uniqlo (Men Dry Stretch Easy Shorts)
Photo by Uniqlo (Men Dry Stretch Easy Shorts)

Basketball caps

Basketball caps are perfect to shield your eyes from the sun and to make you look cool. You don’t need to be a basketball fan to wear them, as they are now an iconic piece of men’s skater fashion. The perfect match? Your favourite hoodie.

Photo by JD Sports (New Era NBA Chicago Bulls Trucker Cap)
Photo by JD Sports (New Era NBA Chicago Bulls Trucker Cap)

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