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Leather jackets are chic fashion staples that can be worn in several ways. They’re dashing enough to be donned at any time or season, whether it’s a cold winter day or a windy autumn night.

And – unlike what most people believe – a leather jacket will not confine you to a biker look. In fact, you can create multiple looks simply by following these tips on how to wear a leather jacket.


What Does a Leather Jacket Say About You?

A leather jacket exudes a sense of edginess and toughness. And, depending on your attire, you could convey a barrage of messages.

A biker jacket, for one, is hallmarked by an iconic collar, a silver zipper, and a thin belt. Since it works well with any type of wardrobe, wearing this can make you look edgy, confident, and bold.

Studded leather jackets, on the other hand, can make you look like a rebel. A favorite of Gigi Hadid, it can give you a unique, punk look.

A bomber jacket, which has been around since the 70s, is a great option if you want a more elegant look. After all, it can make you look confident, trendy, and well-educated.

Another stylish garment to try is the flight leather jacket. Favored by many supermodels, it conveys an aura of impeccable grooming and elegance.

For an indie look, make sure to get a fringed leather jacket. With this, you can show your artistic and creative side.

Then there’s the leather blazer, which is a pretty rare attire. And, like most blazers, this style can give you a sense of superiority and excellence.

What Do You Wear Under a Leather Jacket?

One of the great things about a leather jacket is that you can wear it with virtually anything! Here are some styling tips that can help you create multiple looks with your favorite jacket.

Be a Girly Girl

A leather jacket may make you look tough, but you can always tone it down with your more delicate pieces. Case in point: you can wear it to dressier events, just like model-designer Alexa Chung.

Here, she wore her distressed biker jacket with a sophisticated little black dress and bejeweled designer heels. Armed with an elegant purse, she has managed to transform her otherwise rustic jacket into a more formal piece. As these are all basic pieces you are sure to find in your closet, it’s particularly easy to recreate this great look.

Ebony and Ivory

Although there are so many colors you could wear with your black leather jacket, nothing beats the classic flair of pairing it with white. For one, it could be as casual as a white oversized tee and biker shorts like this one. Then again, you could always achieve a more formal look by going with a white dress or jumpsuit.

To complete your black and white look, make sure to wear white shoes – like the platform sneakers in this one. If you want a more sophisticated style, you can opt to wear your favorite white heels or ballet shoes.

It’s Tee Time

The beautiful thing about the leather jacket is that you can wear it with garments out of your wardrobe. Just look at Karlie Kloss, who looks comfortably casual in her kitty cat tee. You need not necessarily wear an animal-inspired shirt though, as you can easily get the VS Angel’s look with any type of printed tee.

If you’re just as adventurous as Karlie, you can wear your leather jacket and tee combo with a printed skirt. But if you’re trying to keep things low-key, you can always dress down with a plain skirt or a good pair of jeans.

Honour Color

While keeping true to your leather jacket’s color is the way to go, it wouldn’t hurt to add some color into the mix. Just think of Claire Danes, who brightened up her entire wardrobe with a salmon-colored dress.

This style is a great way to mix formal (a sleek dress) with casual (a leather jacket). When worn with high heels, this attire is sure to fit the office.

If you’d like to be more comfortable, you could always match your leather jacket with your favorite ballet flats. Heck, you can even wear this with boots if you want to hit the bar after your 9-5 job!

A Hint of Print

Because of the leather jacket’s sleek style, it can easily be worn with printed trends! Whether it’s a leopard dress or a plaid outfit – you are sure to get away with any printed thing.

If you’re afraid of going overboard, you can start simple by wearing one printed item – especially one that’s in the same color spectrum as the rest of your outfit. Take the case of this model, who paired her leather jacket, black top, and classic pumps with a flowy snakeskin skirt.

Denim is Forever

Denim is a classic as timeless as leather. And, unsurprisingly, they look good together – just ask Bella Hadid. The stylish model paired her leather blazer with a denim jacket, a mock turtleneck cropped top, and of course, denim jeans.

To balance the casualness of this wardrobe, don’t forget to accessorize! Wear this with sleek sunglasses and your classic black stiletto pumps for an editor-worthy look. And, because of the whole layering shebang, this get-up is sure to keep you warm on particularly cool nights.

Slip on a Slip

Are you looking for a wardrobe that is both stylish and sexy? Then go ahead and wear your favorite slip dress underneath your favorite leather jacket. The slip dress will give your outfit a sultry vibe, while the jacket will provide structure and coverage especially if it’s cold outside.

As for the footwear, you can experiment with any type of shoe to complete your look. While the model opted for casual sneakers, you can always opt for a more formal look by wearing black strappy heels.

It’s Summertime!

Think that you can’t wear your summer dress outside summer? Well, you better think again. In fact, you can rock your printed frock together with your favorite leather jacket.

What’s great about this ensemble is that it makes use of contrasting styles – the sleek design of the leather jacket and the fun, playful aura of a summer dress. Worn together, this outfit is sure to give off a vibe that can brighten up a dreary day!

Your Hoodie is a Goodie

If it’s going to be colder than expected, then it’s best to be ready with several layers. So if you want to wear your leather jacket outside – and not freeze to death – then do try to don a comfy hoodie underneath.

Although a plain hoodie would do, you can always go for an animated, printed hoodie. Complete the ensemble with jogger pants and sneakers for a stylish yet comfy athletic look.

Go for Formalwear

Are you planning on attending a formal function? Well, instead of wearing your formal dress with a shawl or a more ornate option, mix things up with your leather jacket. The elaborate nature of the dress – and the ‘tough’ exterior of the jacket – are sure to give you a chic yet punk look.

Apart from being impeccably stylish, this combination is sure to keep you warm and comfy. As for the styling, you can always opt to wear the jacket full-on – or simply put it over your shoulder.

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How Do You Wear a Leather Jacket Without Looking Like a Biker?

There are so many ways for you to rock your leather jacket without looking like a biker. Here are some styling hacks you ought to try:

Wear it Over Your Shoulder

You don’t have to get your hands on the newest trends just to avoid the biker look. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as wearing your leather jacket differently.

That being said, make sure to take inspiration from Hailey Baldwin’s way of sporting her jacket. Instead of donning the sleeves, she wore it over her shoulders. Doing so will immediately upgrade your look – without defeating the jacket’s purpose of keeping you comfy on a cool day.

Stick to One (Colour)

If you’re a fan of the monochrome look, you’ll be glad to know that you can do this with your trusty leather jacket. Just like Ms. Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, you can pull everything off in just one color. However, instead of going for the usual black, it’s best to explore another palette instead.

As for Olivia, her color of choice is brown – which is impeccable and particularly easy to style. To cop her look, make sure to wear your jacket with a top and pants of the same hue or general palette. Of course, don’t forget to take similarly-colored accessories, such as a bag and a killer pair of heels.

Be Red Hot

Another good way to wear leather without looking like a biker is to don a bright shade. And what else could be hotter than a flaming red jacket?

While most people fear wearing the color red – especially in the form of leather – it’s actually a great way to pop up from the crowd. Styling it is easy too, as you can pair it with many solid colors, most notably black and white. Even a plain tee and denim skirt are sure to look rad with your red jacket.

Pretty in Pink

Leather jackets need not be confined to the darker end of the color spectrum. So if you want a more vibrant look, then make sure to invest in a brightly-colored jacket.

Such is the case with this pink faux leather jacket, which looks oh-so-delicate. Because of its feminine nature, it’s best worn with structured or edgier outfits, such as a button-down top and a ripped denim skirt. Don’t forget to finish the look with ankle-length boots and a cute designer bag!

Crop Like It’s Hot

Cropped everything is all the rage nowadays. This holds true especially in the leather jacket department, where cropped styles are preferred by models such as Kendall Jenner.

A great topper for balmier conditions, a cropped jacket is best worn with – surprise – a cropped top. You can, however, wear it with a full-length shirt – it’s all up to you. Complete your apparel with your favorite jeans, a statement belt, and comfy boots and you’re sure to achieve a casual yet trendy look.

The Bigger, the Better

It’s nice to accentuate your curves – but it’s better when you don’t have to suck it all in!

That being said, you can easily conceal your love handles – and then some – by opting for an oversized leather jacket just like Kendall Jenner. Here, she wears a jacket that’s big enough to be her boyfriend’s – which she matches with a little black dress. And, to ward off the monotony, she wore her ensemble with eye-catching footwear: particularly mid-length snakeskin boots.

If you don’t have this, don’t fret! You can always go for red heels or any other vibrant shoe you have in your closet.

Printed Leather Jacket: Why Not?

Yes, plain-colored leather jackets are good – but if you want to have a magazine-worthy look – then you should go for a unique, printed jacket.

Take the case of Gigi Hadid, who was spotted rocking an ensemble jacket. It has all the prints you could ever want in textile – leopard, zebra, and more. Given its ‘loud nature’, you should incorporate this jacket with a toned-down wardrobe – such as that of Gigi’s black overalls and patent boots.

The More (Layers), the Merrier

Maybe it’s a particularly bad winter day and your leather jacket just won’t be able to cut it. For this, you need to follow the style mantra of Gigi Hadid – the leather jacket goddess extraordinaire – and that is to put on more layers as needed.

Here, you’ll see that she topped her wine-colored leather jacket with a printed knit outerwear. Underneath, she rocks a camel-hued jumpsuit. To finish her look, she wore snakeskin stiletto boots and a structured bag – all in a complimentary wine shade, of course.

There you have it – a long list of ways to wear and style your leather jacket. By following these tips, you can transcend your style from a biker-inspired one – to a fabulous, model-like look!

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