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As the months grew colder, every true eighties fashionista knew that fashion didn’t have to suffer. We all remember the classic looks of those eighties sweater trends. Whether we took inspiration from stars like Molly Ringwold, looked to effortless sophistication of Brooke Shields or embraced the turtleneck trend of the eighties fashion world, there were so many great sweater styles that soared to new heights of popularity in the eighties fashion scene.

In the modern world, as winter starts to come around and the days grow colder, why not get inspiration from the trends and styles of the 1980s?

These are some of the best sweater styles and looks that everyone from the eighties will remember.


Terrific Turtlenecks

As the stars of the eighties showed us, when styled right, a turtleneck can be one of the most sophisticated sweater styles out there. Popular with famous faces like Lina Evangelista and the ever-stylish Brooke Shields, every true eighties fashionista had at least one turtleneck in their wardrobe. When embracing this look, try styling it with some casual slacks and a blazer for a sleek, yet stylish vibe.

Graphic Sweaters

Who ever said that sweaters needed to be boring? Anyone from the eighties will tell you of the meteoric rise of the graphic sweater. As the weather grew too cold to wear graphic tees, graphic sweaters became the must have look for the winter months. Loved by stars like Kylie Minogue, graphic sweaters were one of the true style statements of the eighties. Try out this look with some acid wash jeans and boots.

A Turtleneck with Something Extra

If you love the turtleneck look of the eighties but are looking for a little something extra then any eighties star will tell you that a puff sleeved turtleneck is the way to go. Cashing in on the puff sleeve trend we all loved in the eighties, this style offers a little something more to this classic look. Take inspiration from the likes of Brooke Shields and try out this style with some form fitting slacks.

The Oversized Look

As we all fondly remember, in the eighties the oversized look was king. This style extended into sweater fashion and oversized sweaters where all the rage for a casual style in the colder months. This look was particularly popular with stars like Julia Roberts back in the eighties and has made a bit of a comeback today’s fashion scene. For a modern twist, try pairing an oversized sweater with some skinny jeans.

The Cropped Look

The cropped sweater style of the eighties goes hand in hand with the high waisted jeans style. Expertly worn by stars like Molly Ringwold, this look injected some rebel vibes into a classic eighties style. When trying out this style, take inspiration from the eighties stars and pair a colourful cropped sweater with some black skinny jeans and combat boots.

Embrace Colour

As anyone from the eighties will remember, this unique decade was nothing if not vibrant. The eighties fashion scene embraced colour in every facet of the industry. Brightly coloured sweaters soared to popularity and were adored by A-list stars like the legendary Madonna. For a modern winter twist, pair a brightly coloured sweater and beanie with some black jeans.


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The Velvet Sweater

What we all loved about the eighties was the underlying theme of fun and adventure, and as such, the eighties fashion world knew that sweaters didn’t just have to be the boring, knitted variety. Brightly coloured velvet sweaters found a home in the eighties fashion world and were embraced by stars of the day, including Debbie Harry. When embracing this look today pair a velvet sweater with some ripped jeans and combat boots.

An Alternative to the Turtleneck

For those that didn’t love the turtleneck look in the eighties, they reached for a classic V neck sweater. Popularized by shows like the iconic eighties hit Working Girls, the V neck truly found a home in the eighties winter fashion scene. For a modern take on this eighties style, pair a soft V neck sweater with a short skirt, tights and heeled boots.

A Dancing Inspiration

Who can forget the eighties classic Dirty Dancing? One of the many great things that this iconic eighties film is responsible for is popularizing the off the shoulder sweatshirt look. A look that embraces those casual vibes without ever sacrificing on style, an off the shoulder sweatshirt style and some statement earrings fit perfectly into the modern fashion scene.

Cable Knit

As we fondly remember from the eighties, the knit of sweaters should make just as much of a statement as the rest of the sweater and this is where cable knit came in. A look that is seeing a comeback in the modern fashion scene, the chunky, cable knit sweater was a favourite of stars like Madonna and Julia Roberts. Wear a cable sweater in an oversized style with either skinny jeans or a short skirt and chunky boots.

Patchwork Sweater

Back in the eighties if you wanted a sweater that embraced the eclectic theme but didn’t want a graphic sweater, then the patchwork sweater was the way to go. Composed of different styles, colours and patterns all combined into the one sweater, this look was always fresh and embraced individuality. Back in the eighties Julia Roberts could often be seen rocking this style.

The sweater trends of the eighties exemplified the diversity and vibrancy of the wider eighties fashion scene. Championing looks as different as the sophisticated styles of the turtleneck to the casual vibes of an off the shoulder sweatshirt, this eclectic fashion scene had a look for every occasion.

During these winter months, get inspiration from eighties stars like Molly Ringwold and Kylie Minogue and try out some of the stylish sweater trends of the eighties.

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