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Ah the 80s, the days of neon fishnets, mullets and the Rubik’s cube. Every 80s kid will look back fondly on this unique decade, a time when styling your hair meant breaking out the crimper and a yoyo beat any far-off thoughts of a fidget spinner. Packed with unique trends and items that helped make the eighties so unique, these are some of the top trends that every eighties kid will remember.


Long before the age of the fidget spinner, the yoyo was the toy of choice for any eighties kid. The ultimate 80s toy, these entertaining little contraptions coming in multicolours, with pictures of pop culture icons or the coveted light up yoyo, were the prized toy of every school yard around the world.

The Mullet

Perhaps one 80s trend that isn’t always remembered quite as affectionately is the mullet. Short in the front and long at the back, this hairstyle was donned by the likes of Brad Pitt, Lionel Richie and large chunk of the high school population. The ultimate business in the front and party in the back hairstyle.

Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets

Is there anything in the world more fun than a slap bracelet? I think not. Stiff, decorated bracelets that as the name suggests, when you slap them onto your wrist they immediately wrap around it. Coming in bright colours and often including pictures, these were a whole lot of fun on one of the must have accessories of the eighties.

Hair Crimping

Forget straightened hair of beach style waves, 80s kids will remember that back in the day crimping was all the rage. With stars like Demi Moore embracing this look, we all wanted crimped hair in the playground.

Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand 

The Big Hair Craze

As every 80s kid will remember, if you weren’t embracing the hair crimping craze then big hair was the style to go for. Perms soared in popularity and you got all your 80s hair inspiration from 80s stars like Brooke Shields and Nicole Kidman.

The Everlasting Fun of a Hacky Sack

Mini leather beanbags that came in various colour combinations gave hours of fun to 80s kids. Whether you used them for the traditional game of hacky sack that involved kicking it between a group of people, decorated them with permanent markers or used them for a game of catch, every 80s kid will have fond memories of the humble hacky sack.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads were one fashion trend that really took off in the eighties. Worn by famous faces like Cindy Crawford, embraced by royalty including Lady Diana Spencer and a staple item on the red carpet, every 80s kid will know that shoulder pads were a well-loved look of the decade.

Leg Warmers

80s Party Ribbed Leg Warmers

Worn by stars like Kylie Minogue and featured in 80s hits like Flashdance and Footloose, leg warmers started out as a sporting accessory and turned into a trendy style that could be incorporated into an everyday look. Often found in neon colours, these knitted leg accessories when worn with some fishnet gloves and a mini skirt were the must have item.

Jelly Shoes

As any 80s girl will tell you, there are no shoes like jelly shoes. These tinted plastic shoes often included sparkles and came in a variety of styles for any situation. Flats for the beach or a casual weekend or strappy with a chunky heel for a cute dinner, jelly shoes were the ultimate eighties footwear.

Women’s Jelly Sandals T-Strap Slingback 

Fish Net Stockings

Fish net stocking added a new element to any 80s look. Worn under a mini skirt or shorts, fish net stockings came in a variety of neon colours that embraced the fun loving 80s vibe or when worn in black like Madonna gave a subtle rebel vibe while still seamlessly fitting into an 80s look.

High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings

Before the Age of the iPod

Before Apple rose to prominence and we all downloaded hundreds of songs on Spotify, 80s kids knew that you could get your music fix with a handy Walkman. Inserting a cassette into this revolutionary device allowed you to rock out to your favourite tunes wherever you were.

Walkman Tape Player Built In Mic External Speakers Manual Record

Fingerless gloves

Every kid in the 80s had a pair of fishnet fingerless gloves. These gloves came either to the wrist of reached right up to the elbow and came in neon colours you could fashionably match your nail polish with and after Madonna was seen wearing a pair, every 80s kid wanted a pair too.

Short Lace Fingerless Gloves

Rubik’s Cube

Responsible for hours of fun and frustration the release of the Rubik’s cube in the 80s created a worldwide sensation. Still insanely popular today, every 80s kid will know that we all had that one friend that could complete it with his eyes closed like a wizard and the one friend who told us to just pull the stickers off.

Speed Cube Set

Candy Bracelets

The ultimate 80s accessory, the candy bracelet was both a snack and a fashion piece. Made of coloured edible candy beads and on a piece of elastic, every 80s girl loved picking up one of these from the corner store.

Colourful Beads

Colourful beaded jewellery was all the rage in the eighties fashion world with stars like Madonna and Kylie Minogue rocking chunky beaded necklaces. Every 90s girl will know that no outfit was ever complete without some colourful plastic beads incorporated.

Every 80s kid will look back fondly on the trends of this fantastic decade. Whether you were donning some jelly sandals, playing hacky sack or emulating the looks of Madonna with some stylish fingerless gloves, the 80s were a time unlike any other. So crimp your hair, rock some shoulder pads and pull out the yoyo and embrace the uniquely 80s trends that every kid from this unique era will remember.

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