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Jumpsuits are not only stylish – they’re fashionably convenient as well. With this, you don’t have to spend a lot of time putting on an ensemble. The jumpsuit, after all, is a statement piece by itself.

Jumpsuits are also very versatile, as you can wear them on various occasions – be it a casual or a formal one. 

Given these features, there’s no reason for you not to invest in a jumpsuit or two. 

Whether you’re planning on buying a new one – or just want to style up what you already have in your wardrobe – then this ultimate guide can surely help you out. 


How to Choose a Jumpsuit According to Your Body Type

While jumpsuits fit all shapes and sizes, some work better on specific body types. So before you buy a new one, make sure to follow these tips on picking the best jumpsuit style for your shape: 

Apple-Shaped: Blouson Jumpsuit

If you have a circular or round body shape ala Lindsay Lohan, then you should pick a jumpsuit that helps conceal your tummy. This can be done with a blouson jumpsuit, which has a flowy, loose design that can help hide your midsection. 

It’s also good to pick a jumpsuit with an elastic waistband or a belted design. If you can’t find the latter, you can always use a belt to cinch your waist. Any of these styles will help cinch your waist, allowing you to channel an hourglass figure instead of a round one. 

Pear-Shaped: Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Your hips are your best features – so you might as well flaunt them! The key, however, is to balance the look of your ample bottoms.

You can do this easily by wearing an off-shoulder jumpsuit. Showing your collarbone will help draw the eyes towards the top – instead of your lovely lady lumps.

As for the hem, pick a style with a straight or wide-leg hem. Any of these styles work well together with the off-shoulder top to flatter the appearance of your hips. 

Small Chest: Ruffled Jumpsuit

Even if you have a straight body shape, you can still appear more feminine with the help of a ruffled jumpsuit.

Ruffles do this by creating volume on your chest – thus making you bustier than actual. Just look at the model, who achieved the appearance of a fuller top with her ruffled outfit.

Remember, the ruffles can be subtle – they need not be over the top if you’re looking to achieve a shapelier silhouette. 

Busty: V-Neck Jumpsuit

It’s important not to be conscious about your chest. Remember, a lot of girls are paying top money to have what you have. 

That said, it’s best to let those girls out by wearing a V-neck jumpsuit. Not only does it flatter the decolletage, but it appears to reduce the appearance of your heavy top as well. 

Apart from the V-neckline, your jumpsuit should have a defined waist and a wide leg bottom. With all of these features, you can achieve a flattering yet sexy look – just like Christina Hendricks.  

Tall: Wide-Legged Jumpsuit

There are so many pros to being tall. Your height does not only allow you to reach items on the top shelf – this means that you can work with a swathe of fabric as well. That said, you’re sure to look stunning in wide-legged jumpsuits – just like 5’11” Dutch model Romee Strijd. 

You need to be careful when you pick one though, as you need to channel a style with an inseam of at least 35 inches (or longer). Going shorter than this would mean that your jumpsuit won’t even reach your ankles. Should this happen, you can make the most of it by styling it as a cropped jumpsuit instead. 

Petite: Slim Cropped Jumpsuit

Because of your height, you will want something that won’t overwhelm your frame. This is why you need a slim, cropped jumpsuit. 

A skinny style helps accentuate your silhouette, which you can easily lose with an oversized jumpsuit. The cropped length, on the other hand, helps prevent bunching at the ankles. Unfortunately, this can make you look even shorter- which is something you wouldn’t want, of course. 

For best results, make sure to pick a jumpsuit in a single color as this will make you seem taller. Although a color-blocked style is good, it won’t do your frame mercy. 

Different Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Now that you know what jumpsuit flatters your body, it’s time to proceed with the styling portion. Achieve various looks – even if you only have one jumpsuit – simply by following these tips on how to style them up. 

Take a Plunge

Want to look sexy – yet remain covered? You can do this – and more – with your jumpsuit.

Like Bella Hadid, you can keep a significant part of your top unzipped. (For button-down jumpsuits, you can do this by leaving a few notches unbuttoned.)

This styling technique is cute enough by itself, as the model shows that you don’t need to put anything else in your wardrobe. Although this is the case, you may opt to put a bralette bandeau underneath if you’re looking to create some contrast with your outfit. 

Show Your Sexy Shoulder

Want to have an even further plunge? Apart from leaving your top unzipped/unbuttoned, you can wear it in such a way that it reveals one shoulder. 

This style – which the model tastefully achieves – is a testament to how sexy you’ll look with one revealed shoulder. Even if she has a baggy jumpsuit, she looks polished because of her exposed shoulder. 

Like the model, remember to wear a bandeau or bralette underneath. You wouldn’t want a wardrobe malfunction, after all. 

Tie it Up

Tying your jacket around your waist is an easy and useful way to style your jumpsuit.

Like Jessica Alba, tying your jacket around your waist keeps the item handy. This is especially good if you’re out for the night, as temperatures can drop significantly. 

Fashion-wise, tying your jacket around can help accentuate your waist. So even if you’re not wearing a belt, you can still flaunt your waist. With this styling technique, you can create a sexy look – even if you’re wearing a baggy, oversized jumpsuit. 

Put Your Jacket On Your Shoulder

You don’t have to spend hours just to look chic and elegant. You can do this in a couple of minutes – just like Miranda Kerr.

Here, the beautiful model shows how it’s done. Step 1: put your jacket on top of your shoulders. Well, that’s it!

While this technique is outrageously easy, the key to pulling this off is mixing the right elements. As is the case of Miranda, she fuses contrasting fashion elements with her punk-rock leather jacket and delicate floral jumpsuit. 

Fold the Hem

Folding the hem is more than just a way to prevent your long jumpsuit from scraping the street. With this technique, you can style your outfit easily.

Folding the hem exposes your calf, which essentially reveals a part that helps elongates your body. This makes this style particularly favorable for petite women who wish to look taller in their jumpsuits.

Folding the hem also allows you to flaunt your footwear, which the model thoughtfully accomplishes in this picture. 

Put Something Underneath

A jumpsuit looks good on its own. Although if you want to achieve a unique look with this garment, then you should take cue from this model and wear a top underneath.

Not only will this address the revealing nature of your jumpsuit, but it can also make your outfit cold weather-friendly. 

You can wear your jumpsuit with a turtleneck top (just like the model) during autumn – or a long-sleeved sweater during the nippy winter. 

For hotter days, you can ditch the top and wear the jumpsuit alone. Another option is to sport a skimpier layer underneath (a bralette or bandeau perhaps?)

Make it Pop

As mentioned, it’s good to layer your jumpsuit with a top or tee. But if you’re looking to achieve an edgier look, then you need to follow the style of this beautiful model.

As you see, it’s all about making the color pop. She does this by donning a neon-green sweater, which she flaunts by pulling her jumpsuit sleeves up. Doing this allows you to create various layers – and textures – both of which marry to create the perfect Pinterest outfit. 

Chic in Corporate

Your business attire need not be boring. With a jumpsuit outfit, you can look good for the office – and the cocktails that come after!

Achieving such a look is all about pairing your luxe jumpsuit with a business top. Like the model, you can wear a button-down top – apart from some other ‘office’ options (i.e. pussy-bow blouse, lace blouse, etc.)

Styling tip: Complete the look with work-worthy shoes – a nice pair of flats or sky-high heels would do!

Bundle Up

There may be times when a long-sleeved jumpsuit wouldn’t cut it. But instead of scrapping this outfit for a thicker one, you can turn things around by layering it instead.

Such feat was accomplished by Katie Holmes, who looked cool (and felt warm) in her denim jumpsuit and blazer ensemble. 

Although her attire is more for a casual day out, you can take her styling philosophy to the office by wearing a formal jumpsuit with a sleek blazer. 

Accessories to Wear With a Jumpsuit

Although jumpsuits look great without any other addition, it wouldn’t hurt to throw on some of these accessories into the mix. 

Haute in a Hat

Whether it’s sunny or rainy outside, you’re sure to get a dose of functional fashion with a hat. With this, you can get some sun protection – and a bit of funk as well.

Just like the model, you can opt for a contrasting color (a black hat with a camel-colored jumpsuit). Another option is to go monochrome – matching your hat with the rest of your jumpsuit ensemble.

Given the many hat styles out there, you’re sure to create different looks with your jumpsuit – even if you only have one in your closet!

Don’t Leave Your Hair Bare

If you don’t have a lot of time to create an elaborate hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about your overall look. As the model shows, you can create a lovely look simply by throwing on a hairpiece.

Her cloth headband, which is worn in a boho-chic way, helped her achieve such a style. Complimented by her flirty jumpsuit, rattan bag, and slip-on sandals, her hairstyle lent the final finishing touch for a festival-worthy look. 

Styling tip: Your hairpiece need not be confined to a cloth headband. Cute barrettes or a bejeweled headband can pave the way for some fanciness. 

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Throw Some Shade

Time and time again, shades have shown how functional and fashionable they are. 

As seen on the model, shades can revolutionize your look – and keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays. Her modernist sunglasses helped her achieve a nouveau chic look, which of course, is complemented by her white jumpsuit. 

With the right accessories – a designer bag and a pair of cowboy shoes in her case – you can achieve a look that’s will garner a thousand likes on Instagram. 

Ear and Dear

Channeling this vibe is this cheery model, who has a generally simple outfit. And although her denim jumpsuit, black bag, and white sneakers are good classics – she managed to inject some modern style with her red statement earrings. 

Just like her, you can create such a look by donning your statement earpieces with your jumpsuit outfit. The longer or bigger your earring is, the better!

Neck and Neck

Like statement earrings, an attention-grabbing necklace can help embellish your jumpsuit outfit.

As seen on the runway model, her tribal necklace added a unique touch to her utilitarian jumpsuit. 

Given the different types of necklaces, some styles work better with certain jumpsuits. A low-cut jumpsuit, for example, will look great with a long, Y-shaped necklace. A high-neck outfit, on the other hand, will look fabulous with a short chain or choker necklace. 

Banging in a Bandana

A bandana is not only functional – it’s very stylish as well. In fact, this accessory is sure to look well with most of your outfits – jumpsuits included.

Donning a bandana can add some flair to your plain jumpsuit outfit. Such is the case with the model, who sports a simple jumpsuit and a pair of Birkenstocks. Although her overall look is a little plain, she managed to inject more style with her contrasting black bandana.

Stylish in a Scarf

Bundling up is vital, especially during the colder months. So if you’re thinking of sporting your jumpsuit in the middle of winter, then you should keep this styling tip in mind.

Wearing a scarf with your jumpsuit will not only keep you warm – it can make you look stylish as well. Just look at the model, who’s comfy and chic in her turtleneck sweater, stylish jumpsuit, and thick scarf. 

Styling tip: You can create a more sophisticated look by cinching your scarf with your belt – it’s like having a coat even if you don’t. 

Flaunt Your Figure

A blouson jumpsuit or an oversized one may hide your figure, but you can reverse this easily with a simple accessory: the classic belt.

As seen on the model, the utilitarian belt helped cinch her waist – which was sort of overshadowed by the swaths of jumpsuit fabric. 

Apart from wearing a belt, you can flaunt your shape in such a jumpsuit by folding/rolling the hem – and wearing a sexy shoe underneath. 

Styling tip: You can add some more glam into your utilitarian outfit by opting for an ornate wide belt. 

Belt the Bag

Want to cinch your waist – and be able to carry your belongings at the same time? Look no further as a belt bag can help you hit 2 birds with 1 stone.

The belt bag is perfect for oversized jumpsuits, just like what the model wears. 

While this ensemble is geared towards a casual day-out, you may take this accessorizing hack to the office. The key to doing so is using a more luxe belt bag to go with a sleek jumpsuit and a fitted blazer. 

Shoes to Wear With a Jumpsuit

Your shoes can make or break your outfit. That said, it’s important to pick the right footwear for your jumpsuit. Here are some of them:

Feel the Heels

Do you feel uncomfortable if you’re NOT wearing heels? Worry not, as this sexy pair is sure to look great with your jumpsuit outfit.

Whether it’s a feminine style – or a utilitarian design such as this one – your heels can add a dash of sexiness to the entire look.

Although a simple pair of black or nude heels would do, you can take it up a notch with a fancy pair – just like what the model wears. 

Fab in Flats

There are heel girls – and there are flat girls. If you belong to the latter, you’ll be glad to know that it pairs well with a jumpsuit.

As seen on the model, her slingback flats helped complete her look. It added a bit of contrast to her outfit – which is dominated by her bright red jumpsuit. The black and red pairing is indeed timeless, which makes this outfit a golden goose for the office (or on an upscale date with the boyfriend!)

Stunning in Sandals

Sandals can be good statement pieces. The model’s strappy pair, for one, is a good example.

Although the design and color are fairly simple, they helped elevate her look by making her feet sexier. This sleek style helped balance the loose aspects of her jumpsuit – including the blouson top and the wide-leg bottoms. 

Styling tip: Although neutral-colored sandals are safe bets, you can add some more funk to your outfit by wearing a pair of ornate sandals with your plain-colored jumpsuit. 

Be Bold

Most jumpsuits are in one single color. Although this makes you look plain, wearing bold shoes will make your outfit stand out. 

This is what the model exactly does by sporting her red shoes together with her denim jumpsuit. Her sweater layer underneath and her gold necklace may be simple, though she managed to create an eye-popping look with her ruby red shoes. 

Styling tip: Make fashion waves by considering other bright show colors, such as yellow, orange, or fuchsia pink. 


You can be comfortable – and chic – with your sneaker and jumpsuit pairing. In fact, it’s perfect for casual days out – especially if you’re expecting to walk for miles. 

Like the model, you can keep it simple by completing your outfit with a white pair of sneakers. But if you want to create a more unique look, you can always wear your colorful sneaks with a neutral jumpsuit outfit. Doing the latter won’t require much accessorizing, as your bright shoes will already seal the deal! 

Comfy and Chunky

Chunky boots may look bulky and boyish, but it’s actually one of the best styles to wear – especially if you have a utilitarian jumpsuit just like that of the model. 

The key here is to show your boots, which the model successfully does with her cropped jumpsuit. (Tip: You can roll or fold the hem of your jumpsuit if it’s long enough to cover your boots).

Keep true to this utilitarian flair by throwing in some edgy accessories, like a pair of aviator sunglasses and a leather messenger bag. 

Even if you only have one jumpsuit, you can style it masterfully in many ways. All you need to do is pick the right cut for your body – and follow these tips on how to style your jumpsuit like a pro!

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