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The 1980s was an iconic era for not just fashion, but the diversity of men’s hairstyles. Nothing screams excessive-eighties vibes more than hairstyles like the rebellious mohawk and the majestic mullet.

It was the early days of MTV, and men’s haircuts were starting to become heavily influenced by pop music. Men around the world displayed an extra-daring attitude as they began to introduce and embody these edgy 80s hairstyles.

Keep reading on as we round up a variety of men’s hairstyles that were notably popular throughout the 1980s era, from casual and smart to eccentric and striking.


Business in the front, party in the back

Lets hit off the list with one on the more memorable looks of the decade. If there’s one hairstyle that must stand out above them all, it has to be the traditional Mullet hairstyle.

This hair-cut was the most loved and exceptionally common amongst men in the 1980s. The mullet made a serious statement. Nowadays though, the mullet hair-trend is much harder to come across, and sadly, we haven’t seen a huge resurgence of the hairstyle since this decade.

The shorter the hair, the harder they stare

Shorter hairstyles, particularly the buzz-cut were saved for men that were a little more reserved when it came to styling hair. It was hugely popular to rock shorter hair looks, mainly being as they were easier to keep up and a flattering hairstyle for almost all face shapes.

In 2020, the shorter buzz-cut look is still adored by celebrities such as Jaden Smith and Zayn Malik.

Young, wild and hipster

The 80s was the beginning of widespread hairstyles, one of which can be referred to as ‘The Hipster’. It was an elegant layered cut on top with hair combed down the back and sides, creating a fringe-look as it covered most of the forehead.

It was a casual, pretty boy looking hairstyle that was ready to complement many different face shapes but particularly the oval. The hipster pretty boy hair cut has been seen throughout many decades since and was notably styled by stars such as Leonardo di Caprio, and in more recent years, Zac Efron.

That Johnny Dep look

Effortlessly cool and casual vibes. The quiff hairstyle was the best option for men who wanted a versatile hair-look that boasted a voluminous presence in the room.

It was a hairstyle favourite amongst politicians and businessmen alike throughout the 1980s, and the quiff still remains an 80s classic hairstyle that appears in an ever-evolving resurgence today through new forms and structures.

Slicked back, suspicious minds

Two words: Elvis Presley. When you picture a slicked-back men’s hairstyle in the 1980s, Elvis is probably the first star that comes to mind. This ultra-manly hairstyle was rocked with faded sides and a shiny finish- or in Elvis’ case, an extremely wet-look glaze.

It was popular amongst many attractive male Hollywood stars who incorporated this bold hairstyle in their eighties state of mind.

Hip-Hop made me do it

The 1980s were the golden age of hip-hop that influenced the high-top fade. This hairstyle was the go-to look for guys rocking African-American curly, thick hair that could stay in place.

It was created by trimming the hair on top into a square shape and was prominently made into a hairstyle-statement by actor Will Smith who was a huge superstar on tv show Fresh Prince Of Bel-air throughout the 90s.

Cause this is thriller, thriller night

This attention-grabbing hairstyle caused a momentum in the 1980s. The Jheri Curl permed hairstyle was a chemically-curled loose hair look invented by Jheri Redding and then popularized by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson in the movie thriller.

Musicians were having a huge influence on hairstyles at the time, and the Jheri Curl permed-look was also being represented by notable icons in the 80s era like Bon Jovi and Lionel Richie.


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Big hair, big dreams

In the 1980s, everything was wild and wacky- including the hairstyles. Rock bands dominated the decade, and bands like The Beatles were the serious trendsetters.

Men were noticeably growing out their hair as long as they could, and created big hairstyles using copious amounts of hairspray, wax and moose. These loud and proud hairstyles were killer looks when styled with studded leather jackets, ripped jeans and band t-shirts.

Bleach it, baby!

Bleached hair was a go-to hair trend thanks to pop star legend of the eighties that is Billy Idol. Rocking platinum blonde locks was the perfect way for men to embrace their unafraid attitude whilst rocking a show-stopping style.

This cool-kids 80s hair-trend was still pretty vogue in the 90s and the 2000s where celebrities like Eminem rocked the icy-platinum blonde, and Justin Timberlake adopted the bleach-blonde permed locks. Want to rock this style in 2020? please make sure you visit a hairstylist to avoid an at-home bleach nightmare.

Spiky hair, don’t care

It’s the style that screams attitude. Punk has never really gone out of style, and especially not the Mohawk, apparently. In 2020, we’re still seeing this extremely daring spiky hair-cut show up in throughout the decades, but these days it is boasted in way smaller amounts.

If you wanted to rock a Mohawk at your next nostalgic concert, make sure you’re using some strong holding hair-gel or hair spray, and maybe give it an 80s twist with some blonde highlights or add some strikingly bright colours.

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