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A denim skirt is one of the best fashion pieces to have in your closet. It’s stylish and versatile – meaning you can wear it whatever the season (given you wear the right complementary pieces though!) So even if you only have one denim skirt, you’ll be glad to know that you can wear it in several ways. 

Here are 10 of them: 


What Goes Well With a Denim Skirt?

The possibilities are endless for this fashion staple indeed! But for all intents and purposes, we’ve compiled a condensed list of the 10 best pieces to wear with your jean skirt. 

Beautiful Button-Down

A button-down top, like your denim skirt, is an all-around fashion item. That said, putting these two together will help you create a look that suits most occasions.

Like the model, you can achieve a casual look by wearing it with mule sandals. But if you’re looking to achieve a work-worthy look, you can pair these 2 with a fitted blazer (or a trench coat) and a pair of heels (or loafers for comfort). 

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Gorgeous in Graphic

Although your graphic top may be a souvenir of your wayward teen years, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw it away! Instead, you can help it make a fashion comeback by wearing it with your favorite jean skirt. 

Instead of just wearing it tucked in (or out), you can amp up your style by doing what the model did. Gather the ends and make a knot, then place it on the center (or on the sides). That way, you get the cropped top feel without buying a new blouse. 

Rock Your Bodysuit

Want to accentuate your curves – just how Bella Hadid does? Then you need to follow her lead and wear a bodysuit with your denim skirt.

As seen on the model, a bodysuit can flatter your figure in a good way. And in case you’re looking for more coverage, you can opt for a short-sleeve or long-sleeve bodysuit instead. 

Like Bella, make sure to complete your sultry look with a sexy pair of sandals. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

If you want to shine out in a crowd – literally – then you need to heed this model and wear the shiniest top possible.

Doing so means picking a top bedazzled in sequins, glitter, and other light-refracting material. Apart from this, a silver or gold foil top will also help seal the deal.

With a shiny blouse like this one, you can transform your casual skirt into glitzy evening-wear material.

Styling tip: For best results, make sure to pair this outfit with equally shiny sandals! 

Ruffle Kerfuffle

Ruffles are making a comeback! From being the late Prince’s trademark style, it has become a go-to top for those who wish to make waves.

Expectedly so, a ruffled top looks great with a denim skirt – whether it’s plain or tattered. As for the latter, the ruffled top helps provide an element of contrast by mixing its romantic details with some rugged ones. 

Like the model, you can complete this grunge-meets-glam look with a choker necklace and a shiny pair of heels. 


Contrary to popular beliefs, the denim-on-denim trend is not at all tacky. Case in point: Rihanna, who looks modern in her epic denim outfit. 

Like the singer, the key to flaunting this look is to work on the rest of the details. Adding accents, such as a hat, a designer brooch, and a thick bangle can help spruce up your outfit. 

To make your ensemble look more refined (like that of Rihanna’s), make sure to wear your denim skirt with a pair of sexy nude heels. 

Grandma’s Sweater

Has your granny knitted you a tacky sweater you don’t want to use? As long as you wear it with your denim skirt, you can assemble a high-fashion look in no time.

As seen on the model, it’s all about the styling. If you have an oversized sweater, make sure to tuck it in your denim skirt. Wearing a statement belt will help accentuate your waist too. 

As for the shoes, you need to wear something that’s just as attention-grabbing. Take the cue from the model, whose fuchsia heels helped enhance her overall look. 

Shirt and Suspenders

A shirt and denim skirt pairing is undoubtedly a good choice. But if you’re anything as stylish as Chloe Sevigny, then it’s a matter of taking everything up to the next level. 

Like the actress, you can upgrade your look by adding a seemingly updated thing – suspenders. And you don’t necessarily have to buy one as you can take one from your dad – maybe even your child (granted that he’s a big boy). 

Dress it Up

A skirt-over-dress may be a tricky trend to pull off, but you can do this impeccably with the help of your favorite jean skirt. 

Like the model, you can pick a simple, form-fitting dress to wear underneath your denim skirt. It’s good to pair items of different lengths, as this will help magnify the contrast between the two. 

To wrap it up, make sure to add unique accents – such as a fedora hat and a pair of striped heels. 

Borrow it From the Boys

Does your dad, brother, or boyfriend have an oversized Hawaiian shirt lying around? Instead of letting any of them wear it, it’s time you sported it for yourself! Like the model, you can transform this floral top into a high-fashion outfit.

The key, of course, is to style your blouse correctly. Leave a few buttons open and expose your bralette or bandeau underneath. Tuck it in your denim skirt and voila – an outfit you can freely upload to Pinterest!

The 6 Best Shoes to Wear With a Denim Skirt 

As is with tops, a great number of shoes pair well with your jean skirt. Here are 6 of them: 

White is Right

Like your favorite denim skirt, white sneakers are versatile shoes you can wear with everything (yes, some celebs wear them with evening gowns too!)

That said, it’s a no-brainer to pair these two pieces together. But to add some oomph into your outfit, do what the model did and wear an attention-grabbing scarf. Find it hot? Then wear a statement necklace instead.

By adding such accents, you can transform your simple outfit into an edgier one. 

Be Bright

A good pair of heels is a must for every woman. But while black or nude heels look good, you should try brighter colors for your denim skirt outfit. 

Like the model, a pair of pink (or yellow – maybe purple) heels can help brighten up your outfit. It can even help you achieve a more cohesive look. Take the case of the model, who needs something to agree with her ombre blue-pink sweater. 

As statement-makers, a pair of bright heels is the final thing you need for a more rejuvenated look. 

Sandal Season

Statement sandals are great options for your denim skirts. Because of the skirt’s short (or midi) length, you get to expose the intricate details of your sandals. 

If you have statement sandals lying around in your closet, now’s the best time to use them! Like the model, you can flaunt it with a floral sweater – or any of the tops stated above. If you have studded sandals like her, you can follow the model’s mantra and not accessorize that much. The sandals will do this for you. 

Feel the Flatforms

Want to achieve some height without hurting your feet? Instead of the usual sandals or heels, go for flatforms instead.

As seen on this cheery model, flatform sandals can make you taller in a comfier way. With these on, you’ll get to walk for miles on end – which is great if you’re going out with your friends (or your beau). So if you’re looking to remain stylish in a lovely pencil skirt outfit, then wearing flatforms is the way to go. 

Fashion Mule

Fashion need not be painful. As this model shows, you can keep your outfit stylish with a pair of mules.

Like her, you can get some comfy elevation with low-heeled mules. But if you’re looking for utmost comfort, there’s a wide array of flat mules for you to choose from.

Despite its open-back nature, a mule is something you can wear to dressier events. Be it work or a date in a 5-star restaurant, you can count on your mules to glamorize your plain outfit. 


Boots come in a wide variety of colors and styles. But if you want to achieve a look that will blow up your Instagram page, then you need to put on a pair of sexy boots.

Like the model, a suede, mid-calf bootie is the way to go. You can wear it with stockings (or without anything else), together with your denim skirt and top of choice. 

Styling tip: Create the illusion of longer legs by going for a nude-colored bootie. 

The versatile denim skirt can help you create different looks for day and night. As long as you follow these styling tips, you can plan stylish outfits for the months ahead!

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