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There’s just something about a blazer. No matter the fabric, color, cut, or fit, a blazer is a chameleon that goes with any look, from eclectic streetwear to all-business professional attire. An oversized blazer was a 1980s staple, worn with ripped jeans and sneakers, or part of a working woman’s very serious wardrobe. 

Settle in for some blazer outfit inspiration from the 80s and today. 


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Cuffed Jeans and White Sneakers  

SJP has always been an icon, way back when she was rocking an oversized blazer, cropped jeans, and glossy curls. Footwear was pure white, with slouchy socks and classic lace-ups. We love the pale pink details with the bag, earrings, brooch, and flowers in her incredible hair. 

Brooke Shields’ Slouchy White Suit and Leather Crop 

Trust Brooke to wear a blazer like it was invented for her! A slouchy, linen-style blazer in crisp white, with matching trousers. It looks like Brooke is rocking a leather, knotted crop underneath, with a metallic half-moon bag. Perfect for strolling in the Riviera. Side note: her makeup is utter perfection. 

Denim Shorts, Chucks, and a Crop 

Remember when we said the blazer fits with any look, on any occasion? Yup, throw a bold-shouldered blazer over teeny, tiny denim shorts, add white chucks, and pound the streets. Try a black linen shirt tucked into your waistband, or a plain white tee for easy, cool layering pieces. 

Warm Layers, Ripped Jeans, and Pointy Heels 

The blazer and the sweater are great buddies, especially when they create a rich color palette. Ripped, cropped jeans and heels are clear winners for the pairing, but flared cords, pleated slacks, or even a mini and stockings would be just as cool. 

A Belted Blazer, Flared Jeans, and Earthy Details 

Blazers are wonderfully versatile, as we’ve learned, and they can be adjusted and accessorized to create new shapes. A tan belt over a pale-toned blazer cinches the waist, offset by flared jeans and tan suede pumps. 

A Vintage Graphic Tee, Stovepipes, and Statement Ankle Boots 

A blazer is a sharper alternative to a leather or denim jacket when worn with a graphic tee, skinny jeans, and ankle boots. Pick a detailed print such as plaid, or a bright color such as fuschia, throw it over (unbuttoned), and go. 

A Satin Slip Dress and Neutral Tones 

The satin slip dress was huge in the 90s and it has made a beautiful, slinky return. Layer a mini or midi slip with a roomy, loose-fit blazer worn open and free. Leave the legs bare and add strappy heels or ankle boots, and glitz it up with layered gold jewelry. 

Fitted Leather Skinnies, Knit Layers, and Jewel Tones 

Pleather! Or real leather if you’re very committed. Pair badass leather pants with a soft-knit tee or tank tucked into a belted waistband. Add a slim-fit blazer in jewel-like emerald green or amethyst purple, and stomp about in heeled booties. 

A Pleated Midi, Strappy Heels, and Statement Blazer 

Playing with textures and prints is fashion fun. Pair a pleated midi skirt in a pastel hue with a bright, patterned blazer in a boxy fit. Strappy heels and a sweet little handbag add dainty touches. Sling the blazer over your shoulder when the day warms up. 

Candy Hues, Bold Shoulders, and Pleated Slacks 

Treat the blazer as the main event! Wear a bright blazer buttoned up with nothing underneath, and pair with pleated, slouchy trousers and peep-toe heels. The look is abundant in both color and fabric and cuts a strong silhouette that takes charge. 

Linen Trousers, Floppy Hats, and Slip Camisoles 

A linen blazer in a soft shade spells mimosas by the beach in a European seaside town. Pair with wide-leg linen pants, a simple camisole, and a floppy hat. Accessorize with dainty gold jewelry and a statement clutch to hold your Euros. 

Dress Shorts, Sheer Stockings, and a Chunky Knit Turtleneck 

Retire the trousers and skirts for a while and pick high-waisted, belted dress shorts in a textured fabric like cord. Add a cozy turtleneck and layer with an inky navy blazer in a generous fit. Add stockings for an extra layer of sheer coverage, and a pair of chunky lace-up boots. 

Pinstripes, Cropped Tees, and Structured Leather 

Think outside the cotton box and find a leather blazer with sharp shoulders and a long-line silhouette. Pair with slouchy pinstriped trousers (1930s gangster style) and a simple white tee or tank. 

Front Pleats, Statement Shoes, and Monochrome Brights 

Go on the hunt for a blazer and pleated trouser suit, preferably in a joy-inducing shade of hot tangerine or even electric blue. Wear the blazer closed, with nothing underneath except a discreet camisole. Up the ante with statement shoes. 

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