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What’s better than leggings? Leopard-print leggings! If the idea of this sends shudders of anxiety down your spine, never fear. Leopard print leggings can be styled to perfection, to suit even the most tentative of fashionistas.

If you’re looking for a way to revamp your style in 2020 with a little 1980s inspiration and a healthy dose of animal print, you’ve come to the right spot. 

Welcome to our guide for how to style leopard leggings for any occasion from a casual coffee to a raging all-nighter. 


Clash your prints! 

Celebrity inspiration: take a stroll through Vivienne Westwood’s epic catalog over the decades and you’ll see just how aesthetically striking mixed prints can be. If Vivienne approves, then who are we to argue? 

Clashing patterns, colors, and prints is and always will be a fashion power move. It shows that you’re brave, creative, playful, and bold.

Pair your leopard leggings with an equally sassy print or a pattern such as polka dots, florals, or an abstract design. Make a statement…make them look! 

Or even just mix leopard print with any tartan design. Provided you wear a colour that clashes or makes the leopard print stand out, as we can see from the photo below. Black makes the leopard print standout.


  • Pair your leopard pants with a long-line, flowy shirt in a contrasting tone such as lilac or pink, and add a fabric waist belt in a further off-beat palette 
  • Keep it classy with a tailored suit jacket in a bold black and white striped print, with a plain t-shirt underneath for balance 
  • If full-outfit clashing isn’t for you, tone it back with a pair of bold-hued heels and a white, menswear-style long-line shirt 
  • If opting for the shirt-and-leggings look, make sure the shirt is long enough to come down to high-mid thigh to avoid the leggings-as-pants look only a lucky few can pull off 

Worn-in denim layers 

Celebrity inspiration: Alexa Chung does denim like no other, and in as many forms as you can think of. Channel Alexa by pairing your leopard leggings with worn-in denim to add a little rock attitude to your 80s-happy outfit. 


  • For casual weekends, throw on a denim playsuit over your leopard legs, with some cute flats in a neutral or black hue 
  • Layer a white t-shirt with an oversized, long-line denim shirt worn open, and a pair of heeled ankle boots 
  • Wear a long-sleeved mini denim dress over leopard leggings for a bold take on the classic dress-over-tights, winter-friendly look 

A classic little black dress 

Celebrity inspiration: the gorgeous Meghan Markle has worn countless black dresses, managing to make each one chicer than the last. You won’t catch her wearing leopard print leggings (or maybe you will now that she’s free, so to speak?), but we sure can!  

You don’t need to be a free and easy college student to harness the sartorial sass of leopard print leggings. While styling leopard print for work is a bit tricky, it can be done. One of the best ways to pare down a bold print is to layer with simple black shift dresses. 


  • Choose a dress made of thick, robust fabric such as cotton drill or cord to add structure to the look (leggings tend to be softer and flimsier)
  • Opt for clean lines to cool down the busy heat of the leopard print. A simple shift with a high neckline or a classic fit-and-flare are great options 
  • Make it office-friendly with a structured jacket or blazer layered over the top, with a pair of killer black pumps 
  • Keep your accessories minimal, perhaps a gold necklace or pair of small hoops to bring out the gold tones in the leopard print
  • For a subtler option, try a dark leopard print that almost looks black unless you look hard to see the pattern. A stylish way to embrace animal print without totally disrupting your all-black workday uniform 


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Matchy-match workout gear

Celebrity inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens sported a matching leopard print legging and sports bra set, and boy was she on perfect form! 

A two-piece athleisure set is one of the easiest ways to embrace leopard leggings, and versatile too.

You’ll be looking like a 2020 influencer as you smash that HIIT class, nail that hike, or simply swan about town from cafe to park and back again. 


  • When wearing leggings as pants, always shop for proper workout-grade leggings with thick, supportive fabric. Otherwise, you risk the dreaded see-through butt! 
  • High-waisted leggings with a thick waistband accentuate your hips and smooth out the tummy, plus they won’t creep down as you go about your day
  • For extra coverage, warmth, or post-gym casual styling, throw a denim jacket over the top or even an oversized linen blouse knotted at the waist 

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