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The Goddess of Pop has been turning heads through fashion since she burst onto the scene in the 1960s. But it was in the 80s that Cher’s sartorial choices cemented her as the fashion icon we know and love today.

This decade saw her in everything from a sheer sequin evening gown to an off the shoulder LBD and ripped acid wash jeans. One thing is for certain, Cher is a style chameleon and probably the only person in the world who can pull off some of the ensembles she’s worn.


Cher’s Sheer Sequin Gown from the 1984 Academy Awards

If you can’t get enough of Cher’s 80s outfits, then keep reading to discover some tips on how to rock the best trends of the decade inspired by Cher.

There isn’t anything we don’t love about Cher’s statement gown from the 1984 Academy Awards. Cher was photographed in the dress while walking the red carpet on the arm of then-boyfriend Val Kilmer.

This sultry number was by Bob Mackie, an American fashion designer and costumer that would become a frequent collaborator of Cher’s in the years ahead.

All aspects of the superstar’s gown that night, from the sheer bodice and sequins to the plunging neckline and open back are currently trending.

A dress this stunning requires minimal accessories, which is why Cher only wore a pair of diamond chandelier earrings and a light brown wrap. See below to recreate the look.

Cher’s Black Leather Jacket and Knee High Boots in the “If I Could Turn Back Time” Music Video

“If I Could Turn Back Time” is one of the most well known songs in history. But in addition to the catchy tune, everyone remembers the outfit Cher wore in the music video from 1989.

In what would become one of her most famous looks, Cher donned a black leather jacket, black knee high leather boots, and a sheer jeweled bodysuit.

Needless to say, this outfit attracted lots of attention, but there are certain elements of it that have stood the test of time. Namely, oversized leather jackets are very much in vogue right now, in addition to black knee high boots.

If a sheer bodysuit is a little too bold for your own personal style, consider swapping the bodysuit for a black bodycon mini dress and black pantyhose.


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Cher’s White Long-Sleeved Gown from the 1983 Academy Awards

Real talk, almost all of Cher’s most iconic 80s looks are definitely on the more revealing side. That is why the world took notice when she opted for a more conservative style at the 1983 Academy Awards.

Just like she would do the following year, she attended this star-studded Hollywood event alongside Val Kimer.

The white gown had a bateau neckline (very on-trend right now thanks to Meghan Markle’s wedding dress) with long sleeves (another fashion trend, especially in the bridal world), and was covered in intricate beading.

The shimmering outfit was slightly sheer in true Cher style, and was paired with vibrant, neon pink and blue eye makeup.

Cher’s Off-the-Shoulder Little Black Dress

In 1988, Cher held a press conference for her newly launched “Uninhibited” fragrance. While the perfume was a big hit, it was the outfit she wore to the event that has stayed with us today.

Looking as stylish as ever, Cher was seen in a form-fitting black mini dress with lace sleeves and lace trim along the top and bottom, as well as an off-the-shoulder neckline.

Being the cool girl that she is, she finished off the look with nothing but her signature raven curls and a pair of wayfarer style sunglasses.

Little black dresses never go out of style, but add the feminine neckline, lace detailing, and casual Ray Ban sunnies and there’s no doubt that this outfit holds up in 2019.

Cher’s Acid Wash Jeans and White Tee

Cher is truly a master of fashion, evidenced by how she can rock everything from a sheer sequin bodysuit to a simple jeans and tee combo.

While it’s impossible not to love her many bejeweled, midriff-baring ensembles from this decade, there’s something about the casual, everyday outfit she wore during a portrait session in her home in 1987 that resonates with us.

Perhaps it’s the fact that her look is one we’ve seen all over in 2019.

A plain white tee is timeless, but it’s the slightly flared, ripped acid wash jeans that we’ve seen make a comeback. And because it’s Cher (which means at least one part of her outfit must sparkle), she accessorized the look with a pair of beaded strappy sandals.

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