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It was in the 1980s that Cyndi Lauper became the pop queen that we know and love today. The American singer, songwriter, and activist ended up with a career that spanned over four decades.

But in addition to her hit singles, like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Time After Time,” Lauper quickly cemented herself as a fashion icon.

Red carpet after red carpet, music video after music video, Lauper continued to push the boundaries of 80s fashion, resulting in some of the most iconic looks of the decade.

Continue reading for tips on how to channel your inner 80s pop queen courtesy of Cyndi Lauper’s 80s outfits.


Cyndi Lauper’s Sequin Mini Dress in 1988

In 1988, Cyndi Lauper was photographed in an 80s outfit that has stood the test of time. The look in question was made up of a black sequin mini dress, a shiny silver bralette, stacked gold rings, and gold hoop earrings.

The sexy and feminine ensemble would not be out of place now, thanks to the return of both the babydoll mini dress and of sparkly sequins.

The wide straps on the dress are another 80s trend that has made a comeback, making this a Lauper fashion moment that could be easily replicated today.

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Cyndi Lauper’s Matching Red Plaid Ensemble at the MTV Video Music Awards

The second outfit on this list is the all-plaid look Cyndi Lauper donned at the MTV Video Music Awards. Going for a preppy meets grunge vibe, Lauper wore a classic red plaid high-neck top with a matching skirt.

In juxtaposition to the plaid were her many accessories, including a chandelier necklace, sparkly brooch, and multiple bangle bracelets.

Not only do we love the contrast in styles, but plaid is still very much in vogue in 2019, which makes this an outfit that would be easy to recreate this decade too.

Cyndi Lauper’s Ruffled Mini Skirt, Oversized Blazer, and Bowler Hat in 1987

Perhaps the most obviously 80s outfit on this list is the mini skirt, oversized blazer, and bowler hat combo she was photographed wearing in 1987. The pop singer was seen in a high waisted, black, ruffled mini skirt, an oversized double breasted black blazer, a striped crop top, sheer tights, and a black bowler hat.

Many aspects of this fashion-forward outfit have started trending again. For example, oversized everything in women’s fashion is back – from sweaters to coats and blazers.

Next, both ruffles and cropped tops have been in for years. All together, there is so much from this Cyndi Lauper outfit that is applicable to fashion today.

Cyndi Lauper’s Sheer Black Midi Dress in 1984

Sheer has been one of the biggest trends in women’s fashion of the last few years. And it appears that Cyndi Lauper was ahead of the curve. Here, she is photographed in 1984 wearing a sexy black midi dress.

The lightweight, transparent fabric reveals a pair of black, high waisted underwear and a black balconette bra underneath. Sleeves are elbow-length and the hemline is midi, which is another element we love.

Hemlines below the knee but above the ankles (in the form of both skirts and dresses) have been dominating women’s clothing in the past year or two.

Needless to say, this sheer gown takes the little black dress to a whole other level! Lauper let the outfit do the talking, finishing off the look with a silver bangle and silver hoop earrings.

Cyndi Lauper’s All-Denim Look in 1984

Denim seemed to be a rite of passage in the 1980s and no one did it better than Cyndi Lauper. The “True Colors” artist donned an all-denim ensemble in 1984. It consisted of a long sleeved, denim button-up shirt, a denim vest, and a jean skirt.

Not only is denim on denim majorly on-trend in 2019, but we love the different layers Lauper applied here. Each denim piece is distinct in style. The button-up shirt is a darker hue, while the vest is a medium blue hue and has an acid wash.

Finally, Lauper opted for an edgy, light wash, ripped jean skirt. And to tie the look together, she went all out on the accessories (as she so often did).

Lauper paired the denim outfit with multiple chain belts, transparent gloves, vibrant chandelier earrings, bangles upon bangles, and of course, her signature crimson ‘do.

Cyndi Lauper Style Tips

Cyndi Lauper’s Style Influence

Cyndi Lauper’s style is unique and like no other. This 80s pop diva has always embraced colourful hair and makeup, making sure all eyes are on her. She’s known for her eccentric style and catchy songs, cementing her as an 80s icon. Any 1980s lover will know Ms Lauper and true fans still follow her fame today. 

Keep on reading to learn how to get Cyndi Lauper’s style at home.

What To Wear For Cyndi Lauper Style

Want to embrace the Cyndi Lauper style? Here are some top tips for channelling her fun energy into your own wardrobe!

If there’s one style Cyndi Lauper is known for, it’s colourful outfits. Whether you use block colours, loud prints, or stripes, more is always better. Try pairing an oversized printed shirt with some wide-leg jeans and a halter top for a Cyndi-inspired outfit.

Tulle Petticoats 

Nothing says Cyndi Lauper like a yule skirt! A skirt with extra layers or petticoat detailing will instantly align you with this superstar. Add a belt and some boots to elevate the look from daywear to nightwear too. This is an essential style to try if you’re a Cyndi Lauper fan. 

Printed Dresses

When it comes to Cyndi Lauper style, you can’t avoid bold prints! Try finding feminine midi or maxi dresses with unique floral prints for the best effect. Cyndi liked to accessorize these dainty dresses with belts and chains to add some alternative style to a traditional look. Like Madonna, Cyndi wasn’t afraid of adding some edgy style to her wardrobe. 

Mini Skirts

When performing a mini skirt is easier to move about in than a longer skirt. Take inspiration from Cyndi’s stage style and pair a short mini skirt with fishnet tights and some boots. This outfit is completed with a sparkly top and some big hair! 

Punk Influences

If you prefer to adopt retro or edgy styles, take inspiration from some of Cyndi’s punk inspired outfits. Mix red and black clothes with hints of tartan print for the best combination. Mini skirts and strapless tops go well together in this style and they’re always paired with a pair of fishnet tights!

How To Get Cyndi Lauper Hair

You can easily spot an old image of Cyndi Lauper as her hair always stands out from the crowd. Whether she’s rocking her signature ginger locks or a new colour, her hair is always the best in the room.

Classic Red Ginger Hair

Cyndi Lauper’s ginger/red hair is one of her most recognisable fashion statements. You can easily replicate this look with some dye and hairspray! The trick for this hairstyle is to go as big as possible when teasing your hair. Make sure your hair sits on one side of your head and you can add choppy front bangs for more definition too. 

Canary Yellow Influences 

Another iconic hairstyle from Cyndi Lauper is her canary yellow and ginger fusion. This may be too out there for some readers, but this mixture of colour is a perfect way to stand out from the crowds. You can have some fun when creating this look, be creative and splodge dye wherever you want for a DIY style. 

Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is a 1980s essential. Though this hairstyle isn’t popular anymore, it can be done well! Take a crimping machine and go wild on your hair. You can use hairspray and other styling products too, these will help your hair become bigger and bolder too. 

The Best Cyndi Lauper Makeup Looks

Do you need some make-up inspiration for a party? Perhaps you want to change up your everyday style? Cyndi Lauper is one of the best celebrities to look at for make-up inspiration. With bold styles and more subtle looks, she’s tried it all!

Eyeshadow Patterns

Cyndi used makeup as a creative outlet, this resulted in some of the best 1980s music fashion and beauty trends. Some of her favourite makeup styles included rainbow eyeshadow, patterns in her eyeshadow, and even striped eyeshadow too! 

Bold Blue Eyeshadow

When people talk about eyeshadow, blue always comes to mind. But why use a little when you can use a lot? Cyndi’s iconic blue eyeshadow look is big, bold, and fabulous. She takes a classic makeup style and blows it up to the extreme, a great way to finish an outfit!

Natural Glam

It may not be her most recognizable look, but Cyndi does strip the colour back sometimes! Try out this natural glamour face by using nude lipstick, soft pink blush, and subtle silver eyeshadow. Add some definition around your eyes with lashes and eyeliner and you’re ready to go.

What Are The Best Cyndi Lauper Accessories?

To complete your Cyndi Lauper inspired outfit you’ll need some accessories Here are the best 1980s ones to pick up!

Beaded Necklaces

Cyndi Lauper never shied away from striking accessories, so to align yourself with her style make sure you pile on the necklaces! Similar to Madonna’s love for necklaces, Cyndi often wears a range of beaded necklaces in different colours. This is a great way to accentuate your neckline and bust too – perfect for a flirty date night outfit.

Fingerless Gloves

Another way you can incorporate Cyndi Lauper style into your accessories is through fingerless gloves. The best fabric for these is lace, mesh, or fishnet as these are see-through. Air these with chunky bracelets for the full 1980s style!

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