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A hoodie is a trusty top that any woman should have in her closet. With its casual style, it can keep you comfortable during the cold autumn & winter – and outright trendy during the spring & summer (yes, you can wear it even if it’s hot outside!)

And, while this low-maintenance clothing is something that you can wear effortlessly, you are more than welcome to flaunt it in several ways. All you just need to do is follow these tips on how to rock hoodies like a fashion pro:


What Do You Wear Under a Hoodie?

While there’s no stopping you from wearing a hoodie by itself, you can always put something underneath it. In fact, you can achieve many fashion trends simply by following these styling tips:

Short But Sweet

If you’re looking for a way to wear your hoodie on a warm summer day, then you best take inspiration from this beautiful model. She’s keeping it cool (literally) and chic by donning a cropped top to match with her cropped hoodie.

A great thing about this cropped-on-cropped combination is that you can wear any bottom you want. While denim pants – such as this one – is a good way to go – you can also try sporting a mini skirt or a cute pair of shorts. Remember to wear your ensemble with pristine white sneakers to achieve this sassy street look.

Dress to Impress

Do you want to achieve more layers without looking frumpy? Well then, it’s all about wearing a dress underneath your hoodie. Being opposites, the athletic hoodie and sophisticated dress will help you achieve a balanced look that you can wear whatever season.

While it’s good to go for a similar color, you can always try a contrasting shade. In fact, you can even sport your loud, printed summer dresses if you really want to make a statement.

If it’s particularly nippy outside, you can always keep warm by wearing thick tights – or leggings if you please. You can also opt for thigh-high boots, which are sure to keep your legs comfy.

Say Yes to a Mini Dress

Do you want to wear something underneath your hoodie – even if it’s hot outside? Well, make sure to copy Rihanna’s style – which is all about donning a lacey mini dress underneath.

What’s great about this look is that it’s something you can wear on hotter days – especially if you can’t seem to part yourself with your favorite hoodie.

And, should the temperatures go higher, you can always remove the hoodie and just sashay in your sexy mini dress. That being said, this is best worn with strappy heels so that you can maintain the sultry look all throughout.

Divine in Denim

Is denim your most favorite thing in the world? Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can wear it with your hoodie – and not on top of it – but underneath it!

As you’ll see in this streetwalker, a denim button-down top is actually a good piece to pair with a cropped hooded jacket. It provides contrast – not only in color – but in texture as well. As a bonus, these clothes can keep you warm and toasty during a cool winter day. And, should it get hotter in the afternoon, you can always remove your hoodie and just leave your denim shirt behind.

How Can I Make My Hoodie Look Stylish?

Whether you have a plain hoodie or a printed/multi-colored one, here’s a guide on how to make it look stylish AF.

Color it Bad

While plain hoodies are great, there’s no stopping you from picking a more vibrant one. This fuchsia hoodie, for example, is the perfect way to get the attention of the crowd.

For an even better look, try to wear your bright hoodie with a contrasting topper – which is a camel blazer in this case.

Since the right accessories matter, opting for a pink bag will help make a cohesive look.

As for the shoes – the best pair will depend on the look you wish to achieve. Sneakers, for one, can help you channel an athletic look. But if you want to look more polished, it’s best to wear a pair of nude (or pink) heels.

Be Bold

While a hoodie looks very casual, you can actually wear this with much dressier pieces. Here, you’ll see how a black hoodie (with the sleeves up to the elbows) blends well with a printed pleated skirt. Of course, it’s all about cinching it up with a simple black belt to accentuate your figure.

The styling doesn’t end there though, as the model makes the look more high-end with her red patent boots and small black bag. Indeed, this flawless pairing can make you look like a popular guest in a high-end fashion show.

Go Monochrome

If you don’t like mixing different colors – or if you have a favorite hue in mind – then you can use it to your advantage.

Going monochrome is not as boring as most people think, as it’s all about exploring the different shades of the palette. Just take the case of this model, who obviously loves the color green. She managed to utilize all the greens she could think of – such as her mint green hoodie and joggers, emerald green coat, and lime green sneakers. The only one to break away from the palette is her furry blue bag, which, let’s face it, compliments the monochrome outfit well.

Mix and Match it

If you’re aiming for a more couture look, then keep in mind that it’s all about pairing your hoodie with vibrant prints and various textures.

Here, you’ll see the hoodie as the base piece underneath a leopard-print jacket. They are then paired with powerful statement pieces, namely an orange lace slit skirt and neon green stiletto pumps. Culminating the entire look is a black camera bag – which is a showstopper in itself because of its printed yellow sling.

While all the accessories seem to be a barrage of mismatched prints and textures, they have coalesced beautifully to create an eye-catching attire.

Plaid is Rad

If you’re looking for a simple yet striking garb, then a hoodie and plaid combination is perfect for you. With this, you can upgrade your plain hooded top without putting in a lot of effort.

Taking cue from this model, styling it is as simple as wearing your hoodie with a plaid skirt. While a regular plaid design is good, you can always go out of the box and explore more unique designs such as this one.

As for the accessories, it’s best to opt for low-key pieces. Don a wide black belt, a simple bright red handbag, and boots and you’re sure to be on your way to fashion perfection.

Dress it Up

If you’re used to wearing your dress underneath your hoodie, why not do the reverse and put it over your hoodie?

This ‘opposites day’ attire is actually quite smart, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to style your outfit. Just throw your favorite dress on top of your hoodie and you’re done!

Should you find this ensemble too simplistic, you can always spruce it up with a beautiful pair of shoes and some unique accessories. Be it sunglasses, clutch bag, or statement jewelry – these items can complete your trendy look.

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Layer by Layer

Hoodies, without a doubt, are perfect for cold, nippy nights. But if you want to keep yourself warm and toasty, then it’s best to wear your hoodie underneath another piece of outerwear.

Just refer to this model, who’s rocking the mean streets with a blazer on top of her hoodie. Not only is the outfit screaming comfort – it’s looking pretty sleek as well. The combination of formal (blazer) and casual (hoodie, leggings, and sneakers) elements make for a very trendy look.

Together with Leather

If you’re looking for another good way to keep warm and stylish, then remember to take the fashion cue from model Kendall Jenner. Here, she takes her raw-edged hoodie to a punk rock level by wearing it with her trademark leather moto jacket.

Just like Kendall, you can perfect this outfit by pairing your hoodie and leather jacket with denim pants, ankle booties, and a sleek bowling bag. Accessorize with aviator sunglasses and you’re ready to hit the streets!

Red (in this Case, Blue) Jumpsuit Apparatus

Overalls are making an unprecedented comeback! In fact, celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted wearing them. You too can enjoy them – and with the right styling, you can avoid the old McDonald look.

Remember: it’s all about choosing the right pieces, which is a baby pink hoodie in this case. The contrast between the soft-hued hoodie and the dark, navy overall gives this outfit a casual yet flawless aura.

Fur Sure

Fur, being the luxurious and high-end material that it is, surely is a great complimentary piece to your favorite hoodie.

Just like this stylish streetwalker, you can polish your look by wearing your light-colored hoodie with a satin skirt and an oversized fur jacket. For a more girly-girl aura, you can imitate what this model wore – a bright pink tie-up sandal. However, you can also go for a more athletic style by wearing this delicate ensemble with a pair of sporty sneakers.

Ready, (Cor)set, Go

Wearing a corset is a great way to flaunt your curves. But if you want everybody to see this, then why not wear it on top of your hooded dress?

Such is the case in this runway look, where the model rocked a corset on top of her hoodie dress and mesh pants. With the corset being sophisticated enough as it is, you don’t have to use any more baubles just to complete this get-up.

How Do Oversized Hoodies Look Cute?

Oversized hoodies may be baggy, but that’s what makes them comfortable. So if you’re looking to add more spunk into this oversized top, then make sure to try these ideas on how to make your big hoodies look even cuter.

Go Big or Go Home

It’s best to pair oversized things with sleeker trends, they always say. But if you want to take the styling to a whole new level, then why not pair your oversized hoodie with another oversized item?

Here, you’ll see how chic it is to match a big hoodie with a loose blazer. To balance the frumpiness of the top, make sure to wear tighter bottoms such as leggings or skinny jeans. Donning sneaks is also a good way to go, as it serves as a contrasting item against the blazer’s structured look.

Be Delicate

Styling oversized outfits all boils down to balance. So if you want to make your oversized hoodie look cute, then you should pair it with a more delicate bottom.

Here, you’ll see the impeccable matching between the black oversized hoodie and the exquisite white skirt.

Since both clothes are very simple, you can have a ball with the accessories. For one, you can stay true to the outfit by donning a structured bag and a pair of black boots. Then again, you can go crazy with the styling and opt for fiery red stilettos!

Wear it as a Dress

Do you have a hoodie that’s big enough to function as a dress? Well, all you need to do is leave it as it is. Not only will this cut your styling time, but it can give you a unique fashion perspective that models such as Gigi Hadid adore.

To avoid being too cold in this outfit, make sure to pair your oversized hoodie with a bigger denim jacket. You can also wear thigh-high boots (even stockings underneath) so that you won’t feel cold as you sashay around town.

Who says you can’t look stylish with a hoodie? With these 18 tips on how to wear a hoodie, you’re sure to look flawless – and comfortable as well!

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