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When it comes to the sneaker wars rage between different brands, Converse always manages to stand above the fray. The American brand is now a proper fashion icon, worn by celebrities from all around the world.

These shoes are comfortable, stylish and convenient. In other words, they are a must for your wardrobe, especially in white, which is one of their best shades.

Here you will find plenty of inspiration on how to wear your white Converse.


Why Choose White Converse

White is a classic and versatile colour, which can complement any look and immediately become a statement piece when needed. Besides, black and white are the two most identifiable colours when it comes to Converse.

White Converse can be your everyday, relaxed and cool shoes, that you can rock to walk comfortably and feel stylish at the same time. However, they can also provide a more elegant edge to your style, with their thin silhouette.

In other words, whether your favourite style or the circumstances, you can always rely on a pair of white Converse. For this reason, we have identified the best ways to pair these shoes with a lot of different styles. The best thing is that you can put these outfits together with the pieces that you are most likely to already own in your wardrobe.

Your Own Style

Converse are the symbol of streetwear fashion, but they can easily become the perfect ally for any look, with the right accessories. For example, you can try this look:

  • A pair of white Converse. Make sure they are stainless!
  • An oversized shirt in your favourite pattern or colour
  • Straight-leg washed out jeans or shorts

Wildest Heart

If you are a fan of animalier pieces and patterns, then you should definitely try them with a pair of Converse. This is one of our favourite looks:

  • Your favourite animalier pieces, such as a blouse or even a coat
  • Your Converse. White is usually the best colour to highlight your animalier piece.
  • A small bag, to match your shoes

The Boldest Look

If you wish to unleash your punk rock soul, but you can’t say no to a pair of Converse, you can mix and match both styles to obtain the perfect look.

Stick to total black or play with different shades to compliment your silhouette. Don’t forget your two statement pieces: your black Converse, and a leather jacket.


The best thing about Converse is that they can match any style and make any outfit immediately look better. If you want to make your shoes the real protagonist of your look, we recommend matching them to your top or your bottom pieces. For example, wear a grey T-shirt and a matching pair of Converse, and a skirt in a lighter shade to enjoy a lovely outfit.

Back to The Future

Nothing screams early-2000 fashion like a denim jacket and a pair of Converse. This look is still one of the best you can rock, regardless of the situation. Our tips:

  • Go for a pair of white Converse, but make sure they’re always clean
  • Add a nude-shaded knitwear if you don’t want to look underdressed
  • Cotton pants are always the comfiest and versatile choice

High-Waist Pants

Let’s be honest: high-waist trousers are comfortable and stylish, a must for every wardrobe. They can be worn for any occasion and they can immediately make your outfit more or less formal depending on the accessories. In other words, they are perfect to be paired with your favourite Converse!

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are cute and they can be used to put a lovely outfit together. These are our best tips for a great look:

  • A checkered mini skirt, in neutral colours (black & white is perfect)
  • A matching top. Opt for neutral colours, as well.
  • Your favourite Converse. They will highlight the outfit, elongate your silhouette and become your statement piece!

Live Your Princess Fantasy

Pink is a magic colour, which can make you feel like a princess from your favourite fairy tales. You can match your pink or white Converse with a pink skirt or any matching accessories.

Our word of advice: try to match pink with other light or nude colours, for a cuter and more flattering result.

Total Black? Yes, Please!

If you feel comfortable enough with it, you should definitely live your total black fantasy. For the best results, we recommend:

  • Avoid oversized pieces.
  • Feel free to mix and match different shades of black, but stick to a specific colour palette
  • Wear your Converse in a contrasting colour, such as white, to make your outfit more dynamic.

Always with You (Even in Wintertime)

Who says that you cannot wear your Converse in the wintertime? They are some of the most versatile types of shoes, and you can easily pair them with your favourite winter looks.

  • Try matching a pair of skinny pants and a bulky coat to make your silhouette more dynamic.
  • Complete the outfit with a pair of Converse. Don’t forget some cosy socks to keep your feet warm.

Your New Office Buddy

If you love your Converse, they can come to the office with you. For a statement look which is perfect for the office, try the following:

  • A light-shaded blazer which, ideally, matches the colour of your Converse
  • Some cotton pants. You can even wear the bottom of your suit if you want to.
  • A small bag: don’t forget that your shoes are the accessories you really want to focus on!

Oversized, Over Fun

To achieve the perfect streetwear look, you should definitely play with an oversized knitwear or pair of pants. These pieces are perfect with your Converse and will make your outfit bold and comfortable.

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