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Remember in the early 2000s when jeans were only worn low on the hip (dangerously low)? Oh, how far we have come!

As fashion does, jean trends have circled back around to the 1980s (thank goodness), and high-waisted jeans are back, baby.

We can’t see high-rise pants going out of style any time soon, as they’re endless in their versatility, no matter your body type, style preference, or the occasion at hand. 

Welcome to our guide for how to wear high-waist jeans in a modern, fresh, and versatile way. Remember, these are just ideas to inspire you, and are not hard and fast rules. Use these looks to create your own unique denim masterpieces. 

The man’s shirt, boots, and dark denim 

Celebrity inspiration: In the early 1980s, Brooke Shields featured in a now-iconic Calvin Klein ad wearing super tight, high-waisted dark denim jeans with a slight boot cut. She wore them with a flowing, silk-like menswear-style shirt and a pair of black leather boots.

Three simple pieces, but an incredibly chic look anyone can customize to suit their body type and style preferences. This look is perfect for casual-wear as you wander looking for coffee on the weekend. Make it work-friendly by changing the top and shoe choice! 


  • Jeans that sit above the belly button and where the waist nips in are most flattering, with a flat fly (as opposed to the bulkier Mom-jean style)
  • Pick dark indigo denim jeans with a slight flare or boot cut, they’ll elongate the legs and add a dash of 70s and 80s inspiration
  • For casual days, pick an oversized linen shirt and wear it with the top few buttons undone, and tuck one side into the band of the jeans (aka a “French tuck”). Pair with chunky Dr Martins combat boots and gold hoop earrings for a cool street-style aesthetic
  • For work, pick a satin or silk long-sleeved shirt in a block color or subtle pattern and tuck into the jeans. Add a tailored blazer and heeled ankle boots 
  • For uber 80s style, try a denim jacket in a matching shade for the ultimate Brooke Shields moment 


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High-waisted jeans, long-sleeved bodysuit, and heels  

Celebrity inspiration: Sienna Miller is one of those women who just know how to perfect bohemian glamour. She’s been seen wearing high-waisted jeans time after time, but one of our favourite ways was when she paired them with a simple grey long-sleeved fitted top, strappy heels, and a red lip.

She wore loose-cut, wide-leg jeans with the look, and it was flawless. This is the ultimate look for low-key, low-maintenance girls who want to look cute, cool, and effortless all at the same time. 


  • Pick a silhouette that flatters your shape and comfort zone. You may be addicted to your skinnies, and that’s fine! Pick a high-waisted pair cropped at the ankle, perfect for showing off sexy curves. Elongate your frame with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans that almost reach the floor when wearing heels
  • Pick a tight-fitting bodysuit to closely skim the torso, with full or ¾ sleeves. V or low round necklines are flattering to the face and great for going out 
  • For winter and fall, go for high necklines and layer the bodysuit with a cropped leather jacket

Pick strappy high heels or wedges in a neutral, tan hue or try a pop of color to cut through the simple denim 

The boyfriend jean with a slinky top and heels 

Celebrity inspiration: Emila Ratajkowsi did a spot of shopping (designer, no doubt!) wearing a pair of mid-wash, high-waisted boyfriend jeans, a chic, satin cami, and strappy nude heels.

She wore the combo during the daytime without appearing overly dressed up but still looked ultra-stylish and ready for a cocktail any moment. This versatile look can easily be adjusted to suit the seasons and works with any cami you have hanging in the closet. 


  • Avoid super skinny jeans with this look, as looser styles balance out the slinkiness of the cami for a day-to-night look. High-waisted straight leg, boyfriend, or even wide-leg jeans are ideal 
  • Be bold and pick tops with embellishments such as sequins and juxtapose them against ripped or frayed jeans for an effortless street style vibe 
  • Cowl-neck camis in shine-finish satin or silk are modern, fresh and feminine against the roughness of classic denim 
  • Always tuck the top into the waist-band of the jeans to accentuate the high-waisted style and elongate the legs 
  • Add a pair of strappy, delicate heels for heading out at night, and ramp-up the glam with highlight on the cheeks and a pair of sparkly earrings or gold chain around the neck 

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