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Summer is right around the corner! With temps gradually warming up, it’s time to trade your coats and sweaters for sundresses, skirts, and shorts.

The question, however, is how can you make them look oh-so-trendy for 2021?

Whether you’re going to a picnic – or the beach – maybe even a vacation abroad – do remember to take some fashion inspo from these 21 Pinterest-inspired summer outfits for women.


What Clothes Are in Style for Summer 2021?

While fashion fads come and go, some of summer’s hottest trends are already living in your closet. So if you’re looking to create a chic yet weather-worthy look, then make sure to try any of these trends – or put some of them together!

Set in a Bralette

In the previous years, bralettes have been used as decorative wears underneath tops. But this summer, it’s time for you to bare it out!

Just like your favorite celebrities, you can wear your bralette in what is called the ‘bracket trend’. The key here is pairing your bralettes with blazers or cardigans.

Bralettes are easy to pair with virtually any other piece, especially if they’re in simple, neutral colors. And since they’re very light and airy, they can keep you cool this sweltering summer.

Pop in Crop

Just like bralettes, crop tops are sure to dominate the summer of 2021. With the temperatures getting hot, there’s no other option but to expose your mid-section.

The key to pulling this look, however, is to keep it classy. You can wear a plain black crop top and a printed skirt with a fringe bag – which is another one of summer’s hottest trends.

Tip: You can (maybe) take this look to the office by layering your crop top with a structured blazer.

In (Vest)

A sweater vest may be something you’d associate with the colder seasons, but it’s actually something you can sashay in this summer. You can pull it off even if it’s hot outside.

Rocking a sweater vest is quite easy, as all you need to do is wear it with bottoms made with light material. Here, you’ll see how she kept it fresh with her wide-leg cotton-blend pants (another summer 2021 trend!)

To complete this classic look, make sure to embellish your outfit with a nice pair of shades, a tailored bag, and a sexy pair of heels.

Huff and Puff

Summer is all about rocking your look without sweating. However, exposing your shoulders and much of your legs is not always permitted in the office. So if you want to keep cool and trendy at work, then ditch the usual button-down in favor of a puff/voluminous-sleeved top.

Mastering this chic trend is all about balancing the volume of the outfit. Just look at this street fashionista, who managed to evade a frumpy look by wearing a white waist-cinching belt.

Maximize it!

A summer wardrobe, of course, will not be complete without a maxi dress. With this piece, you’re sure to stay fresh no matter how hot it might be.

Truly the perfect summer garb, it’s very easy to style your maxi dress. All you need to add are your shades, handbag, and sneakers (or sandals, it’s up to you) to complete the ensemble.

Tip: If you want to cop the runway look, you can always wear pants underneath!

(Over) Size Matters

While skinny jeans are definitely timeless, they can make you swelter this summer. As such, it’s best if you go for a refreshing pair of bottoms – which you can achieve with flowy, oversized pants.

What’s great about this fashion trend is that you can pair it with virtually any type of top. You can wear it with other summer trends, such as a bralette or a puffed-sleeve top. Should you go with the latter though, make sure to wear a cinching belt to highlight your figure.

Bucket List

Sun protection is important. So apart from wearing sunscreen, you can shield your face in a chicer way by wearing a bucket hat.

A true 2021 trend, a bucket hat can embellish your summer look – while protecting you from UV rays. It’s not just for the summer though, as you can still wear it throughout the year. Being such a good investment, you are sure to get all your money’s worth with this trendy piece of accessory.

On the Fringe

A bag is a girl’s best friend. After all, it’s where you put all your necessities – your purse, phone, keys, tissue, makeup, water bottle, even food.

That being said, it’s vital to look stylish – even when you’re lugging all of these (and more). So whether you’re headed for the beach – or a music festival – make sure to keep your things in a fringe bag. With this Boho accessory, you’re sure to look effortless even if you’re wearing a very plain outfit.

Belt it Out

For the longest time, belts have been used to keep pants in place. But now, they’re all about making a statement.

This summer, get a statement belt and use it the way Instagram influencers do. Place it in your midsection to accentuate your hourglass figure.

A great thing about this timeless accessory is that it’s good for all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re size 0 or a size 20, a summer belt is sure to give you a trendy feminine look.

Chunk in the Trunk

Chunky shoes are definitely making a comeback! As we all know Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber love them, it’s a versatile piece of footwear that you can wear in the summer – as well as the other seasons.

It’s easy to pair chunky heels too, as you will see in this chic lady. You don’t need to go crazy as you can wear this with your favorite closet staples, such as a crop top, bomber jacket, and denim jeans. Top it off with a cap, shades, and a classic bag and you’ll look stunning this summer (and the subsequent months too!)

What Are the Latest Trends in Women’s Clothing?

If you want to keep updated with the latest trends in various runways, then make sure to create a summer outfit based on these fashion fads:

Pretty in Pastel

When it comes to cuteness, nothing beats the delicate look of pastel colors. They’re soft and very feminine, thus making them one of the best trends this summer 2021.

While keeping true to one pastel color is great, you can upgrade your look by mixing and matching different shades. You can look perfect in a pastel green blazer, soft purple sweater, light pink skirt and bag.

Bright Lights

A great thing about summer is that it gives you complete color freedom. You can rock bright yellow or a vibrant violet With a bright outfit, you’re sure to shine wherever you go.

As for the accessories, they should depend on your outfit style. If you have lots of frou-frous, then don’t go for a lot of baubles. But if you have simple, tailored pieces (such as this lady), then feel free to experiment with bold belts, printed bags, and statement shoes.

It’s a Match

If you don’t have time to mix and match trends before going to work, then you need to invest in a good pair (or two) of matching sets. A hands-down favorite of Taylor Swift, matching sets can make summer styling very easy.

For your matching set to be Instagram-worthy, remember to mind your accessories. You can wear aviator shades in a matching shade. As a bonus, incorporated other popular trends, such as a pair of chunky shoes.

Chic in Sheer

With the summer hitting unbelievably high temps, it’s a must to keep yourself fashionably cool. One of the best ways to do so is to channel the summer 2021 trend of sheerness.

This goes unbelievably well with other trends, specifically that of bralettes and crop tops. Just put your sheer blouse on top of these itty-bitty pieces. You may even layer them on top of your slip dress or strapless dresses. With this fashion trend, you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat.

Nothing But Net

Net crochet outfits are not only for beach cover-ups. Thanks to Balenciaga and Bottega Venetta, netting has become the fashion rage of summer 2021.

Since it basically exposes much of your body, the key to elevating this piece is the use of classic layers. Take the cue from Demi Lovato, who looks sexy yet sophisticated in her net outfit – which is worn on top of a matching crop top and skirt. Talk about flaunting 3 summer 2021 fashion trends in one attire!

Cut it Out

Another way to achieve an airy look is to opt for cut-out pieces. Truly perfect for the summer, it can provide some ventilation – albeit in very awkward places.

A popular trend in Miu Miu and Fendi fashion shows, a cutout wardrobe shows skin in a chic, classy way. As it only gives a few peek-a-boos in certain places, you don’t have to worry about baring everything out.

Tip: If you’re thinking of going out at night in your cutout garment, make sure to bring a cardigan or a sweater. You don’t want to freeze fashionably, after all!

Ebony and Ivory

Black and white is a color combination that has withstood the test of time. While this pairing is often worn during the colder seasons, it’s something you can pull off this summer.

To rock black and white during the balmy weather, all you need to do is expose your legs – and your arms too. Just look at this woman, who looks elegant and summer-ready with her black tank top, white Bermuda shorts, and heeled thongs.

Don’t forget to complete the look with your shades and simple jewelry!

Life in Stripes

Stripe outfits are inherently classic. You can wear it whenever, wherever you want. But if you want to upgrade your look for summer 2021, you need to experiment with bigger, bolder stripes. Reserve the usual black and white for the colder seasons – vibrant is the way to go RN!

For a fashion-forward look, try to mix stripes of different designs and orientations. I suggest you mixes a pink and white striped top with a multi-coloured wide-leg pants. As a bonus, you get to take advantage of 2 of summer’s hottest style trends.

Play with a Checkerboard

A checkerboard pattern is surely reminiscent of summer – it’s the pattern you see in picnic baskets, after all. Although this is the case, you don’t have to look like so.

Make sure to upgrade your look by wearing your checkerboard bottom (or top) with more peculiar pieces. Just look at this maven, who donned her flowy checkerboard skirt with an oversized sweater. Completing the look is a pair of chunky leather boots, which is definitely one of the hottest pieces of summer 2021.

Eye of the Tiger

Contrary to popular beliefs, tiger print is not a tacky, costume-y design. You can make it look elegant – and perfect for the summer – simply by pulling back on the accessorizing.

As you’ll see on Emma Louise, rocking the tiger print is all about pairing it with classic pieces, such as a pair of jeans, a structured bag, and a pair of black shoes. Since the print is loud enough as it is, it can help you unleash your wild side this summer – without going over the top.

Sparkle and Shine

If you want to shine – quite literally – then make sure to try summer 2021’s sparkly trend. It’s all about wearing shiny things – glitter, sequins, basically anything that’s enough to blind somebody (LOL).

While shiny pieces are best worn with classic, structured pieces, you can break out of the fashion box by pairing them with another summer 2021 trend. I know you can rock this with a puff-sleeved top and pastel-coloured bag & shoes.

Are you ready for the summer? If you are, then make sure to strut your stuff in any of these trendy outfits!

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