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Stilettos might be sexy and luxurious, but they’re very painful to wear. This is why more and more ladies – Vice-President Kamala Harris even – are opting for sneakers. While they might be very casual, you can wear them in a very stylish way. Below are several ways on how you may be able to do so.


How Do You Dress Up Sneakers?

A great thing about sneakers is that you can wear them with almost anything. Here are some classic pairings to start with:

Cardigan Shenanigans

You can keep warm – and stylish – by wearing your sneakers with a cardigan.

Although a cardigan is made for layering, you need not necessarily wear it. Just look at Gigi Hadid, who looks chic with her cardigan – which is only tied up on her shoulder. Other than that, she keeps it minimalistic with her white tee, black tights, and simple black bag.

Apart from being airport-ready, this get-up is perfect if you always feel cold. With a cardigan tied around your shoulder, you can seek the warmth you need during chilly nights.

Guns a’Blazer

Although a blazer is a very formal garb, you can pair it with your favorite pair of sneakers. Just ask Kaia Gerber, who’s a spitting image of her model mom Cindy Crawford.

Kaia tones down the look by pairing her oversized blazer with a black top and denim shorts. And, like most celebrities, she dotes on her Converse Chucks – which – let’s face it – looks great on any type of outfit.

As for the accessorizing, you wouldn’t want to take the spotlight away from your sneakers. As such, you need to keep your accessories simple, similar to Kaia’s shades and jewelry.

Dress for No Stress

The feminine elegance of a dress – and the casual, laidback style of sneakers – make them a match in wardrobe heaven.

Hailey Baldwin-Bieber shows that floral dresses don’t need luxe flats or sky-high stilettos. Here, she fascinates people with her dainty pairing – a charming floret dress paired with white Adidas sneakers.

Hailey also shows that there’s not much need for accessorizing – especially if you have a printed dress. Like the model, you can look effortless with just hoop earrings and a small-framed watch.

Flirt in a Skirt

A skirt – just like a dress – need not always be worn with heels, sandals, or flats. With sneakers, you can keep yourself comfy – even if you wish to look girly.

To achieve a balanced look, all you need to do is take inspiration from Rihanna’s fashion philosophy. Here, the make-up mogul perfects her look with a sporty jacket, grey tank top, and black flowy skirt. Matching the athletic vibes of her sneakers are her cap and varsity jacket, both of which provide beautiful style elements to her sporty chic look.

Short End of the Stick

While most people go for the usual denim short and sneaker combination, you could explore a little bit more. You can, for one, imitate Kendall Jenner’s classy look. Here, she pairs her button-down top with white shorts – and of course, white kicks.

To keep it polished like the Chanel and Fendi runway model, keep your accessories at a bare minimum. A small hoop earring, jet black shades, and a structured bag are more than enough.

Overalls and Sneakers

If you’re looking for a fun way to wear your colored or printed sneakers, then donning them with overalls is the way to go. Just take a look at Gwen Stefani, who matches her bright yellow kicks with a grey sweatshirt and denim overalls.

Since the sneakers themselves are the stars of the show, you need to make them the centerpiece. That means veering away from other statement items that might steal the show. Like the singer, you should be on the minimalistic side by wearing shades and simple jewelry.

How Can I Look Cute in Sneakers?

This is a given as you’re sure to look cute in your sneakers. With these ideas on how to wear your everyday kicks, you can elevate your look to casual, smart, or sexy – or any other style you want!

Casual Sneaker Outfits

Hitting the mall – or the beach? Wherever you wish to go, you can remain casually comfy in these sneaker outfits.

Casually Cool

Cold weather does not necessarily equate to boots. If you want to remain casual – without donning chunky boots – then what you need to do is wear your favorite pair of sneakers.

Pair them with a plain tee, denim jacket, and ripped jeans for a casual yet warm look. You can even add more layers if you want (such as a hoodie). Throw a beanie on just in case – you wouldn’t want your head to get cold while you’re partying with friends.

It’s Down to the Styling

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort just to achieve a casual look. Just follow Gigi Hadid’s simple styling tips and you’re good to go.

First, wear a plain shirt and knot it up to get a crop top look. Second, take your favorite pair of jeans and fold it up a little bit to show some bit of leg. Lastly, wear your shades and sneakers. As these 3 steps are ridiculously easy to follow, you can get the casual-chic style in a little under 10 minutes.

Break a Sweat (pants)

Let’s face it – we all have our days when we just want to wear our roomy sweatpants. Even celebrities are not immune from this feeling – just ask Jessica Alba. She’s about to jump on a plane and travel for several hours. Of course, she wants to feel comfortable – just like the rest of us.

But even with her grey sweats and dark denim jacket, Jessica keeps it chic and casual with her white slip-on sneakers. With the help of her aviator shades, we can’t help but think that Jessica had a comfy good time on the plane.

Be Happy, it’s Baggy!

Models need some time off from their haute couture outfits as well. So when they’re not on the runway, they are often seen in high-fashion casual get-ups.

Take Karlie Kloss for example, who went on a food run in her striped crop top, bomber jacket, white baggy pants, and of course, white Stan Smith kicks. This goes to show that even if you’re wearing the most casual of outfits, you can elevate the entire look – as long as you wear beautiful white sneakers.

Gorgeous in Gym Garb

You shouldn’t look miserable even if you endured a killer workout at the gym. With the right styling, you can achieve a chic, sporty look ala Kendall Jenner.

Here, the former reality star pairs her gym sweats and trainers with a dressy top and a hot pink backpack (because yeah, why go for a bland, plain one?) The contrast between her blouse and sweatpants gives a dressy look that’s casual and comfortable enough for the gym.

Smart Sneaker Outfits

Sneakers can make you look smart – as long as you try the following style ideas:

Suit Up

Need to wear a suit to work – but don’t want to don dressy shoes? Well, you can always wear your structured office attire with sneakers – just like 90s supermodel Kate Moss. Here, the ‘petite’ icon partnered her blue blazer, pants, and clutch with a casual, black AC/DC shirt and white sneakers.

Indeed, you can mix business and pleasure by pairing your more formal clothing with casual, laidback ones. As a bonus, you’ll feel more comfortable too!

Go for Structure

Actress Charlize Theron is living proof that you can look smart with your Nike sneakers. Here, she shows her classy style with a plain grey tee, black blazer, and leather tights. Keeping true to her color palette is her oversized shades and big roomy bag, which are coordinated with very simplistic jewelry.

Like Charlize, you can take this look to the office – as long as your boss is okay with wearing sneakers!

Do Some Color Coordination

Karlie Kloss is more than just a runway icon – she’s a street fashion maven as well. Here, the model rocks the road in her black structured crop top, which is ultimately paired with baggy pants (undoubtedly her favorite style).

While there’s some skin showing, Karlie has made this outfit look smart by coordinating the colors and wearing more tailored pieces. You can achieve the same thing simply by accessorizing with your favorite shades and a contrasting white structured bag.

Perfect in Pink

Model Miranda Kerr is known for her chic, elegant looks. That’s why when she wore her pink sneakers – everybody began to want a pair.

Miranda keeps her outfit smart and stylish by wearing a tailored blue blazer together with a plain top and white pants. Together with her aviator shades and a black structured bag, the model is evidence that you can look clever and chic – even if you have hot pink kicks around your feet.

Try Some Print

Wearing your button-down shirt with pencil skirts and trousers can be quite boring. So if you’re looking to revitalize your office look – then you should wear a printed skirt with your sneakers.

This combination helps balance the formal nature of the top with the whimsy appeal of the bottom. There’s not much need for accessorizing too, since the printed skirt is more than enough to attract attention.

When you do this, you need to tone down your sneakers as you don’t want the shoe colors to clash with the skirt design.

P.S. Since you can wear basically anything during casual Fridays, why not knot your blouse to achieve a crop top feel?

Sexy Sneaker Outfits

Although casual, kicks can help produce sexy, sultry looks – just like the ones below:

Show Some Skin

Models often have picture-perfect bodies that allow them to sashay in the littlest of clothing. Just take the case of Gigi Hadid, who leaves little to the imagination with her crop top and short skirt.

While her denim pieces are definitely sexy, Gigi managed to temper the temptation with her high-cut sneakers. As expected, the mix between the two style elements makes this get-up something that most women can wear – even if they’re not size 0!

Crop is Hot

You can be sexy – even without a mini skirt or short shorts. As long as you have a sexy crop top in tow, you’re good to go.

Here, the model is baring some skin with her criss-cross crop top. However, she keeps it a little bit conservative with her black midi skirt – and black sneakers, but of course.

If this is too sexy for you, you can opt for more coverage by wearing this with a jacket or a cardigan. By doing so, you may be able to sneak this ensemble right to the office!

Impress in a Tight Dress

If you dare to be as brave as Rihanna, then why not go out of town in a fishnet dress – with sexy lingerie underneath?

Again, sneakers help complete Rihanna’s thought-provoking look by contrasting the sexiness with the shoes’ innate casual nature.

Granted that it may be too sexy for your taste, you can always cover yourself up with a cardigan or jacket. You can wear it as it is – or put it around your waist for some coverage ‘below’.

Sneakers might be casual, but they are fashionably versatile. They can help you achieve a smart look – even a sexy one – as long as you heed the style tips above.

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