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Overall dresses are underestimated, although they are great pieces to create the perfect outfit for both autumn and wintertime.

Once you find a cute and stylish overall dress, you will be able to pair it with basically every piece in your wardrobe, from sweatshirts to turtleneck jumpers. The same applies to shoes: any footwear will look fabulous with your overall dress.

If you are ready to improve your wintertime wardrobe and start experimenting with overall dresses, you are in the right place. Here you will find a lot of glamorous and easy ideas to make your look great on any occasion.


The History of Overall Dresses

Although it is still unclear when and how overalls originated, these pieces were initially used as protective working garments. The first companies which started to mass-produce them were Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, back in the 1890s.

Apparently, the first pair of “jeans” that they invented were overalls, as they consisted of suspenders attached to denim pants with some buttons. Buttonless overalls made their first appearance in 1927, by Lee’s. Soon, this piece of clothing became an icon.

When Overall Dresses Became a Statement Piece

It was the 1920s when a group of young people called “Overall Club” was formed in the United States. It was almost immediately followed by many other similar movements.

The idea was to take overalls as a symbol of protest against the rising cost of everyday clothing. Of course, this contributed significantly to the success of overall dresses, which were finally intended as an informal piece and gained their immortal and timeless spot in the history of fashion.

Overalls in Modern History

By the 1960s onwards, overalls and overall dresses were already popular among American teenagers.

It was in the 21st that these pieces evolved into high-fashion garments, inspiring even the most exclusive high-end designers. Right now, there are several options for those who wish to add an overall dress to their wardrobe.

What to Wear Under an Overall Dress?

The best thing about fashion is that there are hardly any set rules you cannot break if you want to. For example, when it comes to overall dresses, you are free to layer them over any type of garment of your choice. You can even wear these pieces on their own if you want to!

This means that overall dresses are usually pretty versatile pieces. For example, they can be styled with a blouse for the perfect chic yet contemporary outfit. Or, if you want, you can wear them over a chunky sweater and some combat boots for some punk rock vibes.

Do you feel more romantic? Then opt for a cute overall dress in pastel colours and layer it over a lace blouse and some loafers. Otherwise, you will only need your favourite t-shirt to create the perfect everyday formal look with your overall dress.

How to Choose an Overall Dress

When shopping for a new overall dress, don’t forget that these pieces follow the same rules we all know about normal dresses. This means that you should focus on your body shape and the silhouette you want to achieve to make sure you can find a piece which enhances your shapes and give you the style you are looking for.

Overall dresses come in many patterns, colours and fabrics, so the sky’s the limit!

Dungaree-Style Straps

Dungaree-style strapped overall dresses are cute and easy to style with any piece. In particular, you can pair them like this:

  • Add a chunky knit sweater in a bold colour, such as red
  • Opt for a midi-length denim overall dress
  • Wear your favourite over-the-knee boots

Pastel Colours

You can look like a bright star in the middle of the coldest winter by wearing pastel colours. In particular, overall dresses are perfect for this look, as they are cute and girly. We recommend wearing a pair of black ankle boots to make the overall outfit more dynamic.

Keep It Simple

If you want your overall dress to be the statement piece of your outfit, then you should keep the other layers of the look simple. For example:

  • Wear a white or nude shaded sweater or top
  • Add a brighter overall dress. Warmer shades are always the best
  • Wear a pair of sheer thighs and some black ankle boots

Play with Different Accessories

Of course, overall dresses look cute and fashionable on their own. However, you can enhance your outfit even more with additional accessories. For example, a woolly fedora hat or a pair of jewellery sandals will make you the brightest fashionista wherever you go.

Oversized Overall Dresses

If you want your overall dress to look even cosier, you can experiment with a few oversized pieces. For example, a baggy sweater will look just great underneath an oversized overall dress. However, just make sure the look highlights the right curves and enhance your body shape.

Maxi Denim Overall Dresses

Maxi overall dresses are cool pieces, which can be layered over any type of top of your choice. However:

  • Petite girls should avoid long dresses. You can opt for a midi alternative and wear some heels.
  • Avoid pieces which are too tights and may end up giving your body an odd shape.

Dark Shades Are Cool

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing light or nude shades, you can still have a lot of fun with darker colours. For example:

  • Wear a black turtleneck sweater
  • Add a dark overall dress. Go for a contrasting colour which can match your shoes or other accessories.

Baggy Sweaters

Baggy sweaters usually suit many body types and they are indeed a must-have for all winter wardrobes. They also look great with an overall dress, especially if you wear darker shades, which will make the outfit look more balanced.

Denim Overall Dresses

Regardless of their length, denim overall dresses are always one of the best choices you can make when creating a fabulous look. Our favourite matches:

  • A bulky knitwear or your favourite hooded top
  • Black and warm thighs
  • Ankle or combat boots

Checkered Overall Dresses

One of the most punk/street style-inspired patterns meet the girly vibes: this is the perfect combination to create the best checkered overall dresses. Match it with a balloon sleeved top and some loafers or ankle boots.

Simple but Cute

Overall dresses can always be a statement piece, even if you like to keep things simple. Wear a cute black overall dress over a patterned t-shirt to create the perfect transition outfit and prepare for the cold season. Add a few accessories to make them look more or less formal, based on your preferences.

Pair It with a Pretty Blouse

Looking for the best outfit to look chic and comfy with your overall dress?

  • Wear a pretty blouse in a nude shade. Sleeveless pieces are very cute!
  • Add an overall dress in a rich colour to highlight your silhouette.
  • Feel free to add all the accessories you want to!

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