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If you’re a self-confessed sneakerhead, then you probably have a bevy of Converse and Vans footwear in your closet. And although they’re best worn with casual outfits, they can be sported with dressier get-ups too. In fact, you can take your Vans shoes to the next level with these stylish outfit ideas for work and play: 


Casual Vans Outfits

Whether you’re going on a date – or embarking on some well-deserved retail therapy – here are some Vans outfit ideas you should consider. 

Cami Whammy

Your Vans outfit need not be complicated. More often than not, it’s the simpler, the better. 

As this model shows, you can create an easy date night look by pairing your silky cami with your ripped jeans. You can fold the hems like the model – or leave it as it is if you want your ankles covered. 

The finishing touch, of course, should be completing the outfit with your favorite Vans shoes – whether it’s the Old Skool pair or a checkerboard one. 

Rock and Roll

Want to channel a rocker chic look? Then you should follow what this model did with her Vans outfit. 

First, start with a plain shirt and half-tuck it with your ripped/tattered jeans. Throw on a leather moto jacket, aviator shades, and voila – instant rock chic vibe!

Styling tip: You can add more color into your look by going for a ‘brighter’ leather jacket – say, a red or a baby pink one. 

Boob Tube

A true fashion chameleon, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber is one of the stars to emulate when it comes to creating stylish outfits. Her love for sneakers is apparent in many of her ensembles, including this one with her black Old Skool Vans. 

Like Hailey, you can show your toned abs by wearing an itty-bitty bandeau or tube with your denim pants. As for the cover-up, you can heed the model’s style and go for an oversized leather blazer. 

Sexy and Sporty

Achieving a sexy, sporty look doesn’t always require showing much skin. As this model shows, you can achieve such a style with simple pieces – and your favorite Vans shoes, of course.

To recreate this look, wear your favorite hoodie with your high-waisted biker shorts. To add more flair (and comfort), pair your Vans with long, plush socks. 

Styling tip: You can swap your oversized hoodie with a cropped one for the summer. You don’t have to worry about your tummy though because the high-waisted shorts will cover most of your midsection! 

Mini Skirt Marvel 

With summer fast approaching, your Vans outfits should be comfy for the warm weather. That said, it’s time you got your miniskirts back out in rotation!

Like the model, you can keep it plain and simple by pairing your skirt with a striped top. For a grunge chic look, you can try a graphic ‘band’ top.

With the right accessories – such as oversized shades, a classic belt, and a structured bag – you can create a sophisticated look even if you’re donning your casual Vans shoes. 

Plaid Fad

While mixing prints can be tricky, this model shows that you can achieve it easily – even if you plan to wear your favorite Checkerboard Vans shoes. 

Like her, make sure to stick with a plaid print in a neutral color. Throw in a sweater in case it’s cold –since you can wrap it around your waist (or neck) in case the temperatures get warmer. Add some accessories here and there – shades and a sling bag perhaps – before you parade around town in your comfy Vans shoes. 

Denim Diva

Denim pieces fit Vans shoes like a glove. But if you want to explore your fashion limits even further, then you can follow this model’s denim-on-denim outfit.

For a casual, laidback style, you can pick plain denim pieces (light washes to draw attention – and dark washes to create a slimmer appearance). To add more oomph, take the model’s path and try a patchwork jacket (or bottom). If you like, you can even wear bedazzled or embroidered ones! 

Jumper Jumpin

Jumpers are all the rage nowadays. And while they’re reminiscent of a juvenile look, it’s something you can wear with your Vans shoes for an uber-unique outfit.

Like the model, you can achieve a summery look by wearing a bandeau or tube top underneath the jumper. But if you’re thinking of wearing this during the colder months, then you can wear a long-sleeved top or sweater instead. 

Styling tip: Fold the hem of your jumper to show your ankles – or your hi-top Vans shoes!

Fur Trap

Furry toppers usually go with boots and heels. But if you want to look comfortable and cool, then you should consider sporting your furry outerwear with your Vans shoes. 

For a balanced look, make sure to mix your luxe elements with the more casual pieces. Just like the model, you can wear your furry topper with a graphic tee and coated skinny jeans. Put on shades and a beanie to create an instantly edgy look!

Shine and Sparkle

Love everything that shines and sparkles? Then you should consider wearing your Vans the same way Hailey Baldwin-Bieber did. 

Like the model, you should wear your sequined leggings with an equally bedazzled denim top. If you don’t have the latter, you can go for other sparkly items, such as a bejeweled cardigan or a studded jacket. Remember to only close the top button so that you can showcase your tummy with your plain crop top or bandeau top. 

Leopard Love

A lot of people stay away from Leopard prints because they can be quite difficult to wear. But if you’re anything like Kendall Jenner, you can use it to your style advantage.

Like the model, it’s all about pairing Leopard with neutral or dark colors. As you see, she keeps the rest of her ensemble generally simple with her gray crop top and black leggings. Remember, you need not get a tied-down legging like her as your usual tights would do the trick. 

Vans Outfits for Casual Fridays at Work 

As mentioned, Vans shoes can be worn with more formal outfits. By following the fashion tips below, you can create iconic office looks with your favorite pair of sneakers. 

Ruffle Scuffle

Too hot to wear a blazer to work? You can still look formal (at least on the top) by wearing an ornate ruffled top. As with the model, the ruffled blouse is a trendier option over the usual button-down top. 

Although this outfit is depicted for a Casual Friday look, you can wear it the rest of the week by swapping your jeans with straight-leg trousers. You can fold your pants just like what the model did too! 

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Dainty Diva

Wearing dresses with sneakers is a tried and tested fashion formula. Mixing casual and formal elements, after all, is a great way to balance a look.

That said, this is one outfit you can easily recreate for the office. It’s a matter of picking a fun, dainty skirt and wearing it with your Vans. You can top the entire look with a blazer, although you may go for a hip look – just like what the model did with her leather moto jacket. 

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Lovely Layers

Apart from topping your dress with a blazer, you can opt to wear something underneath – just like what this model did.

Whether you have a short or long dress, you can add some warmth by wearing a top beforehand. You can opt for a breezy white top like hers – or a thicker sweater for colder seasons. As long as you pick plain designs, you can easily wear your ensemble with mustard yellow or color-blocked Vans. 

Say Yes to a Long Dress 

A long dress is a great thing to wear at work, especially if you don’t have time to style a trendy outfit. And you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one, as you can always use the frocks you wore during your summer or spring vacation.

If you usually wear your dress with heels or sandals, now’s the time to try something else: your Vans shoes. Like the model, a bright-colored pair (even the classic black and white one) will add some attitude to your classy get-up. 

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Fine A-Line

If you’re tired of wearing a pencil skirt for the office, then you should imitate what this model did and wear a midi A-line skirt instead. 

Like her, you can pair the skirt with a comfy sweater. You can also opt for a button-down top – even a plain shirt layered with a structured blazer. Remember: there are so many outfits you can create with just one midi skirt. And whatever your choice may be, you should complete the look with your favorite Vans sneakers! 

Stick to a Shade

Monotone outfits don’t have to be bland. By working within a certain color palette, you can create an ensemble as fashionable as this one.

Like the model, you can start with a safe nude/neutral color and work your way out. Here, you’ll see how she pairs a brown sweater with a camel-colored trench coat and beige pants. And of course, she continues to adhere to the color palette with her rustic brown clutch and mahogany suede Vans. 

Color Coordination

While most Vans shoes are in black and white, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wear them with a monotone outfit. As this model shows, they’re perfect for more colorful outfits too. So instead of opting for the usual black and white pieces, you should consider trying this get-up instead. 

Like her, you can wear a color-coordinated sweater or cardigan with your trousers. Sport a tank top or a plain tee underneath for a comfy, eye-catching work outfit! 

Printed Pantsuit

Pantsuits are classic pieces that you can wear daily to work. But if you’re tired of the usual black, navy, and pinstripe suits, then you should consider wearing a printed ensemble. 

As seen on the model, this trendy outfit doesn’t need much styling. All you need to do is wear a plain top or button-down inside.

What’s great about a printed pantsuit is you can mix and match it with your other pieces. Next Casual Friday, you can wear the blazer with jeans, trousers, or a skirt – and the pants with a sweater or a white graphic tee.

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Pick a Pretty Pattern

Like a printed pantsuit, a patterned dress – when worn with Vans shoes – is a stylish way to make a splash in the office.

As seen on the model, it’s all about picking unique (even borderline quirky) prints. In her case, the multi-colored floral prints blended well with her blue structured bag and black Old Skool Vans. 

Fashion tip: For a unique yet cohesive look, pick a pattern that jives well with the shade of your Vans shoes – especially if you have bright-colored ones. 

Major Blazer 

It’s easy to redefine your Casual Friday look as long as you have Vans shoes in your closet. 

Like the model, you can easily pull this off by wearing simple pieces – aka your structured office blazer, plain white shirt, and comfy jeans. 

For a monochrome look, stick with the trademark Vans slip-ons. But if you want a more vibrant style, then swap your traditional checkerboard shoes for a rainbow-colored one! 

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Business Athleisure

When it comes to fashion, it’s good to mix business with pleasure. 

As the model shows, you can get the best of both worlds whenever you go to the office. On top, you can wear a sleek, structured blazer and a plain tee underneath. And below – all you need is your favorite pair of sporty joggers. Throw in your favorite Vans shoes into the mix and you have a stylish outfit you can easily take to after-office drinks. 

Vans shoes are the footwear you can don at play, work, and everything else in between. Given its comfort and versatility, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a pair in every color available!

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