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Summer is the best time to wear denim – especially boyfriend jeans. These slouchy and relaxed pants are very loose – and as such, comfortable. Compared to skinny jeans, they won’t make you sweaty under the scorching summer heat. 

If you’re new to wearing boyfriend jeans – or if you’re looking for more stylish ways to wear them – then make sure to draw inspiration from the info and tips below. 


What is the Difference Between Mom Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans?

Many people often mistake boyfriend jeans for mom jeans – and vice versa. But to the trained eye, they have a couple of differences.

Boyfriend jeans, for one, are fitter on the hips and looser on the crotch and leg areas. Mom pants, on the other hand, have slouchier back and thigh parts.

Are Boyfriend Jeans Flattering? 

Yes, of course! How it flatters you will depend on your choice of pants though. So when you shop for one, it’s essential to keep these pointers in mind:

Fit is Foremost

The most important thing is to pick a style that fits your waist and hips perfectly. Straight-cut denim offers the most flattering fit, though your pick should depend on your actual body type (see the guide below)

Dark and Dashing

It’s common knowledge that darker shades make you look slimmer. So if you want to look leaner in loose boyfriend jeans, then go for pants in darker washes.

Length Matters

A long pair of jeans will not flatter you – especially in the case of loose boyfriend denim. That said, it’s best to pick a pair of cropped trousers.

In case you have a longer pair of sitting in your closet, you need not throw it out just yet. What you need to do is fold or roll the hem 3 inches above the ankle. This will make your legs appear slimmer – and your look more pleasing. 

Be Trim and Slim

While boyfriend jeans are generally oversized, you should go for the slimmest style possible. At the same time, they should provide some breathing room for your thighs – it’s a trademark feature, after all.

How to Pick the Right Boyfriend Jeans for Your Body Type 

Boyfriend jeans can flatter any wearer. The key, however, is choosing the right style for your body type.

Big Thighs? Settle for Straight-Leg Boyfriend Jeans

Generally speaking, a pair of straight-cut boyfriend jeans proves to be the most flattering for women with chunky thighs. Since they provide much room to your legs, they run a ‘straight’ line from top to bottom – thus camouflaging your thick thighs.

As for the length, pick one that ends at your ankle. This will help highlight the thinnest part of your legs.

Tip: Avoid a pair with several horizontal distress lines as they can make your thighs look bigger!

Curvy? Shop for Slim-Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Whether you have an hourglass, pear, or apple shape, you’re sure to look the best with slim-fit boyfriend jeans. Stay away from a style that offers too much slouch if you’re after a trimmer look. That’s because the excess fabric will make you look bigger – which is something you definitely don’t want!

Athletic? Seal it With Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans

Given your toned, athletic body type, you can easily pull off the slouchy boyfriend jean look. 

For a shapelier appearance, you may want to pick a pair with strategic rips. Holes and punctures on the hip and upper thigh area will draw eyes to these places – thus creating the illusion of a more feminine outline.

If you have long legs, then be sure to cuff your jeans above the ankle. This will showcase your slim and sexy calves. 

Petite? Select Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

Choosing the right pair of boyfriend jeans can make you look longer and leaner. That’s why if you’re short of stature, it’s best to pick a dark, skinny one. 

Cuffing the hems is not advisable – but should you decide to do so, then go for slim folds. Avoid big, rough rolls as they can make your legs look even stubbier. 

Plus-Sized? Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans are the Best

Just because you’re plus-sized doesn’t mean you should stay away from boyfriend jeans. They can flatter you just as well, especially if you pick a relaxed pair. 

When shopping for jeans, opt for a pair made with soft, sturdy denim. A high-rise back is good as well, as it can lift your behind and make them look toned. 

As for the hem, you can go for cuffed or uncuffed – any of these will look good on you.

What Tops Should You Wear With Boyfriend Jeans? 

Now that you know which cut or style is perfect for you, it’s time to proceed with the best top to wear with your denim. Here are some pretty good examples:

Love the Crop Top

Summer is all about exposing some skin. So if you want to look sexy and comfy all at the same time, then do wear your boyfriend jeans with a crop top.

Remember: you don’t necessarily have to be toned for this part. Since boyfriend jeans usually have a high rise, they can accentuate the middle part of your torso – which is coincidentally, the slimmest part of your midsection. 

Thank the Tank 

You really don’t have to bend over backward just to style your boyfriend jeans. You can easily do so with the most basic of items – just like a plain white tank top. 

Heck, even actress Jennifer Aniston is all for this! The Friends star looks effortless in her fitted tank top – which she pairs in her cuffed boyfriend jeans and lace-up booties. 

Just like the celebrity, it will help to have a cardigan or jacket in tow. That way, you can bundle up during cold summer nights. 

High on a Tie Top

If you don’t have a tie top in your wardrobe, you need not necessarily buy one. As long as you have a button-down top, you can recreate it the way Sienna Miller did.

Like the actress, it’s all about leaving a few buttons on the bottom undone. Take them together to form a knot that sits on your midsection.

To get Sienna’s summer-ready look, try to use a top made of lighter or sheer material. It also helps to keep a few of the top buttons undone if you want a sexier look. 

Sheer Dear

Summer temps can get really hot, which is why dressing up in breezy tops is important. That said, nothing gets airier than a sheer top. With this blouse, you can be as cool as a cucumber. 

Depending on the sheerness of your blouse, you may need to put something else underneath. While a bandeau and a bralette are sexy choices, you can also go for the more conservative tank top or cami top. It’s good to stay true to your sheer blouse’s shade, though you can always go for contrast – just like what the model did in this black and white pairing. 

Pick Printed

Summer is all about bright colors and funky prints. So if you have a colorful blouse in your closet, now’s the best time to wear it!

When paired with boyfriend jeans, a printed shirt can add an element of flimsy or sophistication. With a yellow geometric top such as this one, you’re sure to enjoy a beach-ready look – even if you’re stuck at home or work. 

Go for Graphic 

Summer is the best time to make a statement – just ask actress Mila Kunis. Here, the petite mother of 2 rocks her boyfriend jeans with a vibrant graphic tee. 

Just like Mila, you can easily get into the summer vibe with a tee and boyfriend jean combo. With this laidback look, you don’t have to worry about glamming up. A ‘just got out of bed look’ with a matching top bun would definitely suffice!

Show Your Shoulders

Your shoulders are some of the sexiest parts of your body – whether you’re size 0 or size 20. This makes it one of the best tops to wear with your boyfriend jeans.

Since off-shoulder tops come in a variety of designs, it would be hard not to hoard some. A plain one, for example, gives a lot of breathing room for accessorizing. Printed versions, on the other hand, require minimal styling. Remember, the designs are vibrant enough to complete your look!

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Sporty Shorty

The athleisure look is one of the most popular styles of today. As such, you should try to incorporate this style into your daily look as well.

Although the athleisure style usually calls for leggings, you could spice things up by wearing a sporty top with boyfriend jeans instead. For a mix of athletic with classic, embellish the look with stylish pieces – such as an ornate bag and a strappy pair of heels. 

Button-Down to Business

While your boyfriend denim is more of a casual piece, you can wear it with a more formal one. Just look at Victoria Beckham, who balances the laidback nature of her denim with a crisp button-down shirt. 

And while her top is all about business, Posh Spice keeps a summer-worthy look with her gladiator-style sandals. With this ensemble, you can hit an office meeting – and after-work drinks – without needing an outfit change. 

Lovely Layers

If you find your shirt or cami top too ‘plain’ for your outfit, then you should layer them together just like this model. 

With these 2 pieces, you can achieve a new look without worrying about the heat. Both items are thin and delicate, which means you won’t break a sweat even if the sun is high up in the sky.

Similar to the model, you can glamorize this simple look with a few key accessories. A thin scarf like hers is a good idea, since it’s useful – and foregoes the need for a necklace! 

Denim on Denim

They say denim on denim is a big no-no. Well, it’s a risk you ought to take – just like model Miranda Kerr. 

Here, Miranda looks beaming in her skinny boyfriend jeans and button-down denim top. She pulls it off by contrasting the washes – a darker one for her blouse – and a lighter one for her denim. You can also imitate this style – or go for the opposite, which means a lighter top and a darker bottom.

To break the monotony of the look, go for a statement shoe – just like Miranda’s Leopard-print loafers. 

Dress to Impress

The dress-over-pants is one of the hottest trends of today. Naturally so, it’s something you should try with your boyfriend jeans as well.

When it comes to this pairing, it’s best to choose vibrant and printed dresses that invoke a summer appeal. Just look at this streetwalker, who went with a lovely striped dress. 

Remember to go with semi-loose dresses, as you don’t want one that shows the hems and cuts of your boyfriend jeans. They’re also more comfortable, which is something you’d want during the hot summer months. 

Blazer for Her

Want to make your boyfriend jeans look more work-appropriate? Then wear them with your sleek office blazer. Its sophisticated style can readily upgrade your outfit – even if your pants have multiple rips and holes.

You need not necessarily wear a dressy top underneath, as this model will show you. A plain black tee is more than enough for a business chic style. And with her sexy black heels, she has created a look that’s perfect for work and play. 

What Shoes Should You Wear With Boyfriend Jeans?

There’s a saying that goes “Shoes speak louder than words.” So if you want to make a statement with your boyfriend jeans, then you should wear them with any of these: 

Feel the Heels

High heels allude to more than just sexiness – it is a symbol of power as well. That’s because when you wear heels, you feel like you can take over the world. 

So if you want to look powerful and sexy – then you best wear your heels with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. The shoes’ sultry style helps balance your loose-fitting pants – thus giving you a casual chic look. 

Tip: While nude and black heels are classic choices, you can step out of your comfort zone and opt for prints – such as this Leopard pair. 

Fine in Flats

Summer is the time to walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature. Doing this, however, can be painful if you’re wearing heels. So if you want to look chic as you paint the town red, then you should go for a comfy pair of flats.

Together with your boyfriend jeans, your flats can help you achieve a stylish look. This tandem also looks good with almost everything, so you won’t have a hard time picking a top before you go.

Again, neutral colors are good to wear with this outfit. But if you want to make a splash, then go for attention-grabbing tones – such as this red pair. 

Stand Out in Your Sandals

Your ornate sandals are not just for dressy events. You can wear them with your boyfriend jeans – especially during the summer!

Stand-out sandals are great embellishments, especially if you’re wearing a simple get-up. They’re available in both heels and flats, which means you have the freedom to go sexy or comfy. Given their unique designs, they’re sure to draw eyes right to your feet! 

Tip: When wearing stand-out sandals, it’s best to lay low with the accessorizing. You don’t want to confuse the onlookers with your shiny baubles and elaborate sandals. 

Lover of Loafers

If you want to achieve a business casual look without the bunions that come with heels, then you should go for loafers. This masculine option gives a nautical feel, which incidentally, is a part of its beginnings (they were once favored by club rowers).

Nowadays, loafers come in a variety of designs so you don’t have to stick to a traditional look. Take the case of this model, who looks chic in her black-and-white heels – which of course, greatly matches her white top and cuffed boyfriend jeans. 

Sneaky Sneakers

Summer is all about being active. So if you like moving about, then you should wear your favorite sneakers with your boyfriend jeans. 

Although sneakers are best worn with plain shirts or graphic tops, you can also wear them with dressier blouses. If you’re unsure how to do so, just remember this model. She keeps an elegant style with her button-down shirt, oversized shades, layered jewelry, and mustard-colored clutch. 

Bring on the Boots

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite boots. Just look at Gwen Stefani, who looks casually cool in her boyfriend denim and boot pairing. 

And since it can get really hot outside, it’s best to stick with the ankle and mid-calf designs. Not only do they allow for easy cuff tucking, but they’re also more comfortable. Knee-high and thigh-high designs should be shelved until autumn – unless you don’t mind sweating your legs out in your new boyfriend jeans. 

Boyfriend jeans are must-have pieces, especially during summer. With their relaxed look (and fit) and versatile style, you can easily wear them with most of your top and footwear! 

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